Polo Baby Shoes

No, I don’t have an obsession w/ Ralph Lauren. In fact, far from it. I do though have an obsession with baby shoes. Cute baby shoes. I believe my problem is if they come in baby sizes, they are cute.

Got Zoey some super cute Polo baby shoes. You may wonder why a baby who doesn’t walk yet have so many shoe options. Well, why does a woman need 20 pairs of the same looking black pumps? There you have it. That’s my reasoning. Although to my husband, it makes no sense. Doesn’t matter b/c he who has probably owned 10 pairs of shoes his whole entire life will never understand. 

These red high tops are so ADORABLE!

Love the stitching details. Especially on baby shoes, that’s major. 

These green leather ones are not too bad either. 

And who doesn’t love a white pair of shoes?!

And of course Mommy didn’t forget flip flops. I mean, what is Zoey gonna wear during the summer when it’s too hot to wear shoes? 

What are your baby obsessions?

Til next post, Kellie.

6 thoughts on “Polo Baby Shoes

  1. Love the shoes! I wish I had a little girl for the prettier things…
    I can’t pass up a cute, funny, witty, or graphically unique shirt for my lil man. And hats..I’m currently trying to find a reasonably priced fedora for easter. He currently wears one of mine that has a purple and turquoise trim..it’s fine, but I want a cute one all his own!


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