A HUGE “Thank You!”

Less than a month ago, I started on this blog to share glimpses of my life. There was a part of me that has always wanted to do this b/c the goal wasn’t to boast about my happy life but to share the wealth of creativity. My hope was to inspire others to create and by doing so live a much more fulfilling and colorful life.Β 

Whether it’s cooking, sewing, gardening, writing, designing, shopping (!) or photography, we all have our own ways of creating. Find the medium that works for you and through it share your creations, inspirations, obsessions, and individuality. Somehow, somewhere someone will appreciate it and it may make a stressed out mommy sane, a workaholic relaxed, put a smile on a hopeless face, or encourage a decluttering project. You just never know.

So 600 followers later (!!!) and nearly 48k visits (!!!!), I hope to continue to do the same w/ this blogging venture and hopeful that you will continue this journey with me wherever it may lead.

Sip on your beverage of choice and keep creating and inspiring!

Til next post, Kellie.Β 


28 thoughts on “A HUGE “Thank You!”

  1. You inspire me daily! Thank you! My blog isn’t really a blog….more of an idea that I don’t think is working for me right now. I hope to one day recreate my blog and inspire others with insights how you inspire me. I guess my season right now is more about spending time doing more than sharing. Your site is beautiful to look at – so visually interesting! Thanks again!


  2. wow – thats amazing! I thought you had been blogging for ages, I started yesterday and feel there is so much to learn from you πŸ™‚ You have a great sense of wrtiting, and the mix between baby (real cute!) fashion and living is very inspiring, thank you!


      1. Dear Kelly I will be hounered if you will visit my blog! Thank you so much! – it is right here: http://carebyme.wordpress.com/
        I’m working on new content, and hope to inspire others telling about my passion witch is design, my children, nordic living, DIY and the proces I’m in building a small new brand – best wishes Camilla


        1. Camilla- you have a beautiful blog! Great style and beautiful kids. and I’m super excited about the new brand that you are building. In my ways, I am also working on launching a brand. Best of luck! Kellie


          1. Dear Kellie – again: Thank you so much for your kind words!! it means so much – I look very much forward to follow your project (s) and wish you to all the best!


  3. You deserve it Ms.Kellie. I like your honest and straight-forward approach on things. And I guess that’s what others saw in you and your writings. Continue creating and inspiring. πŸ˜€


  4. I don’t think your blog is boastful. It’s full of beautiful photography and wonderfully creative ideas. You should be very proud of your success. x


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