Symphony Hall

My husband got invited to see the Boston Pops perform at the Symphony Hall Orchestra. It was a night of honoring the physicians.

Feels like it was forever but this was just less than one yr ago!

I was 5 mths pregnant w/ our Zoey.

These booties are soooo comfortable, even for a pregnant woman!

I love this pic of my husband, so artsy, no?

The place was so grande!

Our seats.

He is so handsome in this pic. At least I think so!

View from the balcony. 

My 5 mth belly.

The ambiance of the place was so magical. My favorite piece of the night was when the orchestra performed ‘What a Wonderful World’. The experience was transcending and I’m sure Zoey enjoyed the musical pieces from her womb!

Til next post, Kellie

12 thoughts on “Symphony Hall

  1. Beautiful pictures! Never been to Symphony Hall, but I used to live practically around the corner from there about a decade ago. (OMG, I’m getting old!)


  2. Gorgeous photos, gorgeous couple, and I see you are also in Boston! Thanks for the like on today’s post on the Copley Square farm market! Symphony Hall is indeed a grand place. We were there for the symphony’s opening in September and have seen the pops many times. You might enjoy next years’s opening … an opportunity to wear one of your fab cocktail rings! Cheers, PK (@pknewby)


  3. hi miss,

    i really would like to tell you that i really love your blog. i’ve read it from your first entry up to the recent ones. what i love most is your creativity and your love for your family. And how I wish I am as creative as you are. 🙂 You two really make such a great couple. Keep posting more.



  4. Beautiful pictures!!!! I’m in love with that symphony hall .. my Aunt (in Seattle) raves on Boston all of the time! I work for a medical school, and I see these students day in and day out .. they work so hard, some already have families with kids and all, I don’t know how they do it! But after seeing their daily challenges & struggles, yes – I would say your husband deserves all the happiness in the world and then some! You have a beautiful family, love your photography!


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