{ New Feat. } Views by Country

I believe this is a new feature that has just been added to WordPress Stats. It’s pretty cool. I haven’t noticed it before until just a few mins ago. It shows your visitor’s country of origin. I was quite shocked to see where all my visitors came from! The power of the web is quite amazing and viral. 

At the same time, this may or may not work in your favor so be sensitive of the information that you post. 

Once you hover over a country it gives the stats from that country in a given amt of time. I just find this so cool!

Where are all your visitors coming from?

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “{ New Feat. } Views by Country

  1. Thanks for drawing attention to this, it’s really cool! It also gives me an idea of how to market to other countries and what-not.


  2. Hi Kellie. Thanks for stopping by and “liking” my post! I have never blogged before and that was my first. I’ve clicked around your blog and saw pictures of your baby, she is precious! Few more months and i’ll be joining the mother/daughter club.



  3. I saw this feature, and also thought it was great. I have a stats counter that does this as well, but I have to click onto it. I remember how elated I was, when I got my first visitor from Paris!
    My country list is measly compared to yours….You rock!


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