Flour Bakery & Cafe

Hello! How was everyone’s Sat. morning? Ours started super early, up at 6am! Bright and early. We wanted to start the day off going to a place that we haven’t gone to in a very very long time. Flour Bakery + Cafe located in Fort Point Chanel. A nice cup of frothy latte and sweet warm bakery perfectly fit the bill on this cold chilly morning. 

By the time we got here, Zoey already fell back to her morning nap. It was a good chance for the husband and I to have a nice quiet morning bite. 

This place is famous for their sticky buns. Joanne, owner of this cozy, cute, happy joint was featured on HGTV’s throwdown w/  Bobby Flay as seen here. 

At the bottom of the sticky buns were pecans galore!

My husband got this. Not exactly sure what it’s called but it had a nice egg custardy taste to it. 

Chai tea latte. 

Froth so thick and creamy it sticks to the stirring stick. LOVE!

Love the industrial feel. Modern space, brick walls, and sky high ceilings. 

Love their hand written chalkboard menu!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Til next post, Kellie. 

14 thoughts on “Flour Bakery & Cafe

  1. i was just thinking that coffee shops are to grown-ups what playgrounds are to the tots. a gathering place to relax/play & mingle. such tasty photos, kellie!


  2. I am so ashamed to admit this — but I’ve been living practically down the street from the Fort Point location for almost two years and still haven’t made it over there. Whatever that custardy-egg thing is, it is calling my name!


  3. My hubby and I LOVE the sticky buns. For all parents who have spent a day at the Children’s Museum in Boston, this is your treat!


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