Ms. Zoey Before the City

Just want to share some quick shots that I snapped of Ms. Zoey before we headed into the city. The child is growing so fast it’s unbelievable! Such a blessing to be able to witness her growth everyday. 

There are so many joys in life that I would have never experienced if it wasn’t for her. A walk in the park is not just a walk in the park anymore. It’s so cool seeing the world through Zoey’s innocent eyes. She was so intrigued with the new surroundings that she didn’t make a sound during our entire 30 mins. stroll. 

Enjoy the simple moments w/ your little one!

Til next post, Kellie


8 thoughts on “Ms. Zoey Before the City

  1. Such a sweetheart!! It is crazy how fast they grow. My son is almost 10 months, and I can’t take enough pictures of him to remember these moments. I love how you include Zoe on so many of your fun adventures! Blessings on your family!


  2. She really is such a cutie!
    My little girl Stella is 4 month old now and we are so much looking forward to the warm spring weather, to go out out more often. 🙂


  3. 🙂 undoubtedly and u know Kellie even pain seems to get sweet with their innocent fingers touching us while in pain…happened with me in last 3 days( I just shared that at my blog )…Although my lovely girl is kind of beginning to lose her innocence..AGE..she’s growing..faster each day..she’s 5..but still she’s so much clearer at heart than any of us learned adults. God Bless all kids 🙂


  4. ‘It’s not just a walk in the park anymore.’ That really rang true for me. I’ve got three little guys, and everything is new again when they’re around.


  5. She is so beautiful! Such a precious little girl. She looks to be about the same age as my girl. So much fun.


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