Morning Espresso { Decaf }

7:00am. Peaceful Monday morning. 

The husband is getting ready to head off to work. Zoey is still in dreamland. I am preparing to get some work done before she wakes up.

Today the sun feels different. Somehow I feel more refreshed, peaceful, and this morning has a different quiet than usual. Perhaps, b/c spring is so near. Yesterday was spring forward, that must have been the reason for the changes. 

The intense dawn blue light is beginning to fade. 

Bright morning rays preparing to seep through.

Each year I look forward to the blooms of the daffodils. That to me signals spring is extremely near.  I am more than elated to see these blooms for the first time this yr. Are you looking forward to spring as much as I am? 

A cup of decaf espresso to get me through some work. I LOVE the smell of coffee  but cannot withstand the effects of what caffeine has on me. Sweaty palms, rapid palpitations, insomnia. Just can’t deal. 

Enjoy your early Monday morning!

Til next post, Kellie


8 thoughts on “Morning Espresso { Decaf }

  1. Love your post – daffodils mean the same to us too. Here in New Zealand we are starting to see the leaves turn as the days shorten ……and the seasons, they go round and round


  2. Goodmonday! Coffee also has the same effect on me. I’ve learned to drink more water when I have coffee and I choose lattes. Love the smell also.

    Thanks for the flowers in your pictures!


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