Preparing for a Minivacay

Tomorrow is Zoey’s big day! Daddy was invited to give a talk in Vancouver and we are taking advantage of the opportunity and turning it into a minivacay for the family. This will be Zoey’s first international travel and we are going for a week! So, here I am busy as a bee trying to prepare for our trip. 

We are also visiting Seattle for a few days. 

I have a long list of Zoey’s ‘to bring’ stuff. Not sure how and where I am fitting everything. 

Zoey’s first passport. This child has many more experiences waiting for her to conquer.

We were in Vancouver 2 yrs ago and this was when we had the BEST soup dumplings and roasted pork. I am so eager to devour these yummy morsels again! Not to mention Vancouver is one of the most beautiful and cleanest city I’ve been too. 

Do you have any food recommendations for either Seattle or Vancouver? Please share!

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “Preparing for a Minivacay

  1. Love those cute little red shoes! I have that exact mini candle with the cute shoe on it! Have a great trip! One of my favorite places to eat in Seattle is a brazillian restaurant called Ipanema ( They have such a colorful salad bar, and the waiters bring skewers of different meat to your table, and you shave off the portion size you want.. It’s such a great experience, and they’ve got big screen TV’s of soccer games playing too. I highly recommend it!!


  2. Here is some stuff that others haven’t mentioned. If I go back to my home town these are some of the places I would visit. Enjoy 🙂

    1) Richmond (where the airport is) is home of a very large community from Hong Kong. Shopping district dedicated to Asian shoppers wanting to have a piece of Hong Kong in Vancouver including amazing fancy restaurants. Dim Sum is a must.

    2) Also in Richmond google STEVESTON. It used to be a fishing village (home of Sockyeye Salmon fleet and canneries) but now is a quaint spot with lots of amazing seafood restaurants and is a VERY popular spot for tv shows to film.

    3) Granville Island near downtown is great for shopping for things made by artisans/craftsman, incredible food, people watching and just enjoying the scenery. You can take water taxis to and from here and go to Yaletown and other spots. Even with a baby and stroller they will help you (done it with my son 🙂

    4) Coal Harbour by Stanley Park. It feels very exclusive as you walk along the million dollar yaughts with the incredible view of the mountains. There are some nice restaurants along the water.

    5) Grouse Mountain ~ There are two places to eat at the top that include a beautiful view with the food:)

    6) Stanley Park ~ The TEA HOUSE is a must for fine dining

    7) Queen Elizabeth Park has an amazing restaurant called SEASONS for fine dining and you guessed it the Queen does dine there when she is in Vancouver.

    8) Van Dusen Gardens is amazing to walk through and it has a fine dining restaurant as well.

    9) Spanish Banks near UBC and Kitslano is a beautiful place to go for a long walk along the beach with a beautiful view with a light gravel walk to push a stroller.

    10) UBC has a the Museum of Anthropology which is a must to visit.


  3. We love living in Vancouver! And, yes, it’s very clean! Thanks for noticing. If you like Mexican, be sure to check out Las Margaritas on West 4th. It’s by far our favourite. My husband and I have been eating there going on 25 years. Our kids love it now too! Have a great trip!


  4. Since I am a former Vancouverite, I am surprised you think Vancouver is clean, most people from any other city would think it is the dirtiest in Canada. Don’t know where you are staying, but Yaletown is just along the sea wall. Every restaurant is baby friendly especially Yaletown Brewery, which brews its own beer. Pacific has one of the best Sushi places. You can easily walk around with a stroller. There is also the Aquarium and the train in Stanley park which is always a favourite for all kids. If you want coffee, our favourite was JJbean, it is also stroller friendly. Don’t shop in Vancouver, Seattle is way cheaper, just doesn’t have the cousine.


    1. Thanks for the insight! I just remembered kept saying to my husband that I don’t see any trash on the streets. Perhaps, compare to some US cities (which can be filled w/ litter) it’s pretty clean!
      Best, Kellie


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