Adios for Now.

Time is ticking and we are almost ready to head off to catch our flight. I hate flying, but that is another entire story. Like many, I’ve been the person who always wanted to sit up front so I can deplane early. The sooner the better. Unlike now where I wish to sit in the last row. 

By chance, we found out that the 2 last rows of the airplane are ALWAYS left empty in case  a disabled person or person traveling w/ a child (that’s us!) request for them. So if Zoey cries, I can cringe less b/c it doesn’t affect many travelers except for the few in the back rows. Also, when you need to diaper change, the restroom is just right there. No need to ask the person next to you to get up. Another big cringe!

Anyhow, the weather projection for Seattle and Vancouver for the next 10 days is anything but pleasant. This is a big bummer!

At times like this is when I must rely on my trustworthy Ferragamo rain boots. 

I LOVE these b/c they have a slight heel. 

…and the bow detail. 

A little last min prep b/4 heading off. Accessories are ready to go. 

Obsessing over this nail polish color. I like wearing either light or dark colors when travel. This way they match w/ any outfits. 

Snake ring- pretty cool?!

Sweet Cranberry black tea from Teavana. 

Green tea dark chocolate disc by Teavana. Super CLEVER!

So don’t think that I will leave you, my fellow blog readers, hanging for an entire week w/o any posts. Not a slight chance.

I have scheduled postings throughout the week for when I am away. I hope you enjoy them!

Bye for now!

Til next post, Kellie


7 thoughts on “Adios for Now.

  1. That’s Seattle for you. I lived in the Pacific Northwest for a year and this is basically the weather for most of the year. July and August were the only sunny months. Have fun anyhow!


  2. I hope you have a lovely trip. Baby’s first, how exciting! Also thanks for visiting my blog. I am glad you liked it 🙂 Bon Voyage


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