Tea House { Stanley Park }

Finally home! It feels so good to be back despite a wonderful week long vacay. Home is truly where the heart is. The weather here is super warm, pretty unusual for this time of the yr. Quite a contrast from the weather in the upper northwest. 

One of our most memorable experience from the Vancouver trip was the Tea House, a gorgeous, serene restaurant with water + mountain view. Recommended by one of my fellow bloggers, we ventured out to Stanley Park despite the cold, wet night and had such a fabulous family dinner. Thank you Sunflowercyn

It would have been nice if we had the opportunity to sit outside if the weather was warmer. Nevertheless, the inside dining was so quaint + quiet that night. It felt personal and peaceful w/o the hustle + bustle of the summer dining rush. 

When we arrived, the sun has not yet set. The natural light and view was so picturesque. This was the view from our table.

Daddy adores her.

 Gorgeous orchid arrangement. Same type, different colors, LOVE the simplicity!

Mussels for starters. 

His camera is major. Mine pales in comparison. 

Yes, this camera was bought specifically for Zoey. We didn’t want to miss any moments and you kinda need a great camera to capture it all! Videos are still a work in progress but they are coming SOON!

Caught in action! A daddy + me moment. Counting fingers. 

We were able to sneak in a little fireplace side break after the appetizer. 

It was a wet night. You can see the rain droplets on the skylight window pane. 

A precious moment captured by daddy’s camera. 

Not sure if my camera can capture such crisp images. 

At 7.5 mths, she looks sooo grown in this picture!

I had steak w/ veggies. 

Love the vibrant colors. Sauce was out of this world!

He had linguine w/ clams. 

And a side dish of wild mushrooms. 

Creme Brulee to finish!
And we continue to feast as the night falls. There’s nothing better than great food, amazing backdrop, + great company. 

Tea House, a must if you are in the Vancouver area. 

Til next post, Kellie


9 thoughts on “Tea House { Stanley Park }

  1. Thanks for the like on my first post! Also, I love your blog’s style, and I love it even more knowing you live in Vancouver, if I ever decide to cross borders, British Columbia will be my first stop; it looks gorgeous!


  2. What an amazingly gorgeous baby you have! She must be pretty well behaved too if you can enjoy a meal in a nice place like that with her along. 🙂

    I visited Vancouver once and loved it. I hope to go back for another visit someday… if so maybe we can try the Tea House too.


  3. OMG I love Zoey’s dress and shoes. I’m glad that you made it to The Teahouse and you had such a memorable experience. Too bad the weather wasn’t cooperating 😦 Ferguson Point is such a lovely spot to watch the sunset so you can imagine that its a popular spot for bridal parties to stop for photos. You are making me hungry with all those pictures and yearning to go back home for another visit.


  4. Little Zoey is always so well dressed. I think what I look forward to most about your posts is seeing what gorgeous new outfit you have her in and your lovely family stories! Thanks for sharing!


  5. amazing post
    fantastic photos/mood.

    have lived in Vancouver 2x
    age 19-21
    Then from1991- 1997 (3 of 5 of our daughters were born there)
    There are somethings, places and sights sounds and smells
    Tastes I will always miss.
    I yearn to go back


  6. I live very close to the Teahouse and Stanley park, I walk around there with my 6 month old almost every day. But not today, the weather outside is frightful! Hope you can enjoy Vancouver with good weather one day. It’s a different place!


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