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Family Portrait.

It’s rare that we have family pictures b/c there’s no one to take it for us. (plus, we think that we can take them ourselves + still yield great results). So in the spirit of memory’s sake and to make them last for a lifetime, we took some using a tripod. Daddy did the setup (he has a great eye) + we just modeled as usual. 

[ LOCATION ] The Sutton Place Hotel / Vancouver. I love Zoey’s reflection!

I wonder if she knows what she’s looking at. 

Thanks for visiting!

Til next post, Kellie



  1. Kellie, what beautiful family photos! Evidence of the loving bond that you share within. Wishing you much prosperity and peace!

    Warm regards,

    BTW, thank you for liking my blog!


  2. tarameshale

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! It’s still brand new, but I appreciate the like. You have such a beautiful family and a lovely blog.l


  3. These pictures are great! You all look stunning, specially the little girl in the red dress.


  4. Great pics – glad you enjoyed Vancouver! We’re Canadians living in New Zealand and always glad to hear when people have a great time in Canada!


  5. Heather Tiger

    Cherish those! Such a beautiful family and the composition of the photos is stunning. Refined and elegant, but with warmth and love very evident.


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