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Ms. Zoey @ the Sutton Place Hotel

We stayed at The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. Their decor reminiscent of French architectural. 

Here are a few precious pics of Ms. Zoey on a French Provencial Chair. 

A very happy baby. Always smiling so wide except for when she gets drowsy and then it’s mommy time b/c no one else can console the child. 

Such a character!

I find this picture so cute! Had no idea that she dozed off until I happen to look down at her. Had to capture this priceless moment. Sometimes she resists falling asleep. This was one of those moments until she just couldn’t resist anymore!

The photo session took a toll on her I guess. 

Til next post, Kellie



    • Thanks! she does have long lashes, not sure where she got them from but I’m not complaining! Thanks for stopping by! Best, Kellie.


  1. She’s so beautiful. I wish when I’ll have a baby, she’ll have Ms. Zoey’s lips and eyelashes. ♥

    I love seeing you two always kissing =)


  2. Cyn

    Zoey you are so beautiful:) Luv the pics on the chair and the hat is precious. Sutton Place…tres chic:) Actors like to stay there when they are filming in Vancouver.


  3. amazing photos 🙂 think that you have a real talent, also you have a really ace subject in a beautiful scenery 🙂 so keep it going! i look forward to the next posts
    keep smiling


  4. Heather Tiger

    So sweet! You have such amazing photos. Great subject to work with!


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