The Wall Street Journal

Did anyone read the Wall Street Journal a week ago? It featured the new ipad. Truthfully, I didn’t even attempt to open the paper (w/ a baby, who has the time to leisurely read newspapers?!) but the headlines certainly caught my attention: red lipsticks + ipad 3, adjacent to one another.

First, I would love to try red lipsticks one day but it’s a color that just doesn’t flatter me in the least bit. Perhaps I should try some toned down sort of red? Or maybe magenta?

Second, we’ve never owned an ipad. Never had the urge to be in the craze of it all. This will change very soon b/c one of Zoey’s aunts is getting her an ipad 3. Inevitably, mommy’s gonna have to learn how to operate it to the tee. Anyone own one? What do you like/ dislike about it?

Lastly, for what it’s worth, I thought the Wall Street Journal would make a great background for the morning tea + biscotti. 

Fell in love w/ peppermint tea after trying Teavana’s. I tried to make some using fresh mint leaves from the garden but it didn’t taste right. Perhaps I will try again using a different kind of mint. There’s several varieties from our garden. 

Not good for the waistline but oh so yummy!

White or Black ipad? White all the way!

To all you ladies who can strut the streets w/ red, bright, or dark lips… I envy you! I am a coward and tend to stick w/ extremely pale colors, preferably pinks + nudes. 

Thanks Aunt NyNy for this fabulous Juicy onsie! It has been on heavy rotation this winter. 

The open mouth kiss!

Enjoy your morning paper!

Til next post, Kellie


4 thoughts on “The Wall Street Journal

  1. We got an iPad 2 in December so that my 4 year old who has autism could have another fun way to learn pre-school skills, practice writing letters, and as a speech augmentation device. There are so many free but very good educational apps out there where flashcards are not just cards but they give a little reward of doing something cute. When little hands are learning how to hold crayons and write and draw using an iPad is a great way for them to practice fine motor skills with just one finger and see what you can do when you draw and not be so frustrated.

    I’m happy to report that my little baby girl who is now 22 months who started trying to use it at 19 months after watching her big brother is learning to navigate some fun apps too. She especially loves trying to do a Winnie the Pooh puzzle app that goes with the movie and seeing his tummy move when she finishes a puzzle.

    The biggest piece of advice I can get is get a protector case for it. My son who is 4 really is careful with the iPad but “just in case” we are using the Gumdrop Defender which sadly adds some weight to the beautiful device. But the iPad is safe when you leave the room for 2 minutes from ANY disaster. But there is one that is highly recommended for little ones under 2 called the BIG GRIP. Fun colours and perfect for little hands to hold the Ipad and not frustrated when the fingers of one hand stop the device from working.

    Hope that helps!


  2. I would never have bought an iPad, I’ve never really seen the appeal. But I won one in a competition a little while ago. I actually find it wonderful for my toddler! There are so many free/cheap apps for children, and so many of them are educational or wholesome. I am now completely comfortable letting her play with it more or less unsupervised, and she loves it. I rarely use it for myself, though.


  3. I adore (and envy) how you make such simple posts beautiful and entertaining. Your heels are absolutely marvelous, and the open mouth kiss picture is darling! You don’t need the red lipstick with your natural beauty. I am lucky enough to be able to wear it, but do with a toned down version from MAC, “O”, and my staple, “Plum Dandy.” Love my MAC make-up. You might like the “O” shade. It has an iridescent tint to it, not making it over the top.
    Hope the trip is going wonderfully.


  4. I’m sooooo NOT a red lipstick person either. I would be That Girl that walks around with her red lipstick all over her teeth, because I’m not the best at maintaining a bold lip. Love looking at it though, especially with well-done eyeliner.


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