Cafe Regalade

During our stay in Vancouver…

After a super disappointing dinner at a sushi restaurant (this is why it’s better to make your own at home!) we were dying to find a place to splurge on desserts hoping to make up a bad dining night. 

I suggested somewhere French. As we stopped at a red light, my husband looked over to his right and there it was, Cafe Regalade, a fine French Bistro. By the ambiance, it did not disappoint. And then I saw the biggest, fluffiest, meringue ever drizzled with caramelized sugar + a custardy sauce. I was sold. It was a special  for the night and happened to be their last one. Do you believe in fate? 

Topped w/ caramelized sugar and honey roasted almonds, it was the perfect crunch to a light airy dessert.  And the custard sauce to dunk into. WOW. You can’t appreciate the size from the pic but it’s twice the size of my fist. I need to learn how to make this!

Not sure what the husband had but it was a pie that resembled the fluffiness and consistency of tiramisu (my most FAVORITE dessert!)

Decaf cappuccino. It was good but not great. The froth was too light and airy for me. I like it thick, fluffy, and creamy. 

Enjoy your Saturday!

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “Cafe Regalade

  1. I love an exquisite pastry and a great cup of coffee – any type there! That looks scrumptious!


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