Health Kick

After coming back from vacay and eating everything in sight, I was desperate to start an internal cleansing. Yes! I’m eating healthy for a week (and by a ‘week’ I mean M-F excluding weekends) and then will revisit. Although now I have more reasons on my list to keep going w/ the healthy eating. My sister is newly engaged! Which means an engagement party + a wedding will soon approach!! Taking my parents + Zoey on a cruise in May. Wow, haven’t been in a bathing suit in ages. Literally. Do I even own one?!  

So, I am drinking this great medley of healthy goodness each morning and afternoon.

It’s like eating all these healthy things w/o having to really eat them! I LOVE it. 

A shot of pure healthiness. 

In addition to this, salads are a main staple this week along w/ yogurt and fruits as snacks.

The challenge is to make these foods enjoyable. I mean, Popeyes or fruits? The choice is obvious.

On a side note, our orchids haven’t bloomed yet this year! The bamboo stalks are so bare and lonely. Anyone has any helpful hints for this? 

 Til next post, Kellie


9 thoughts on “Health Kick

  1. Love your blog. I’m not good at staying on a healthy diet.Unfortunately me and my husband suffer of a sweet tooth. But this looks healthy and delicious so, I wouldn’t mind to try some smoothies. 😉

    Good luck!


  2. I must say, you don’t look as if you need to lose weight! But, being healthy is a lifetime thing, for sure. I wish we could get that Bolthouse drink here. Our version is not quite as delicious-sounding (nor tasting) as yours. Must do a further search of our healthfood store shelves.


  3. With all my recent baking, indulgent cooking and food inpirations from other blogs I think I have popped on a few kilos (which I luckly lost before my wedding) :(. It will be back to the gym and healthy eating for a while now… Why does it have to be so hard to stay in shape.


  4. As a certified nutrition specialist, I know how tough the quest to eat healthy can be.

    Rule of thumb: Figure out what you love to eat and learn to make it healthier. It’s the only way to survive for the long-term. For instance, I love cookies, so I make easy 10 minute flourless cookies. The same goes for dairy-free gluten free mac and cheese, banana bread, pizza, etc.

    Because all of our eating habits are learned, we can just as easily “unlearn” them and learn to love healthier, whole foods. But, it doesn’t mean we have to stuff ourselves with so many greens, we want to puke. 🙂

    I love popping power greens into my smoothies in the morning to get an extra dose, throwing every veggie on a salad and making soups with an array of healthy ingredients and then throwing those leftovers together with brown rice or quinoa pasta the next night.

    It’s all about what works for you, your body and your lifestyle.

    If you’re interested in any easy recipes, here are a few!

    Good luck!


  5. I must say the color isn’t on my “first choice” list (LOL!) but the ingredient list is awesome!!! I agree, Popeye’s definitely has an appeal. Just returned from Daytona Beach, FL, and one of the things I was craving is “real food”……anything that would be made by ME from MY kitchen, put together by ME! “From scratch” cooking (I am sure you are with me on this!-). The Monday thru Friday ‘thing’ is what I usually do and I allow 1 order or French fries on the weekend…..sort of a reward???? The best to you. Sounds like busy days ahead…….although every day seems quite full. Hugs, Doreen


  6. Love it! I made my own green smoothie bath this weekend and it was dreadful. I might have to head over to the store and pick up some of this stuff, it’s really tasty! Good luck on your healthy eating habits. 🙂


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