Tea + Wednesday Morning

Hello! To continue my cleansing regimen, I am having green tea in the morning. ( I do this anyways ) I hear that green tea is great for staying healthy and is a great antioxidant. For the benefits of green tea, click here. Plus, it can help you shed those unwanted pounds. For more info on that, click here

I had some non flavored low fat Greek yogurt yesterday and I really almost regurgitated. It didn’t taste right in my mouth. I need to find ways to make it more appealing and enjoyable b/c it’s so good for my internal cleansing purpose. It provides the protein w/o having to eat a yummy piece of good ol’ steak! 

Today is a gloomy, wet, and cold day which makes hot beverage a preferred choice of mine. 

Do you have a favorite pen that you swear brings out the best in your handwriting? I do and for the 1000th time, it’s hiding from me. Can’t find it and I’m a bit flustered.  It would help if I knew the brand and type. It was just a random pen sitting in the drawer among hundreds + I just happen to love the way it writes. So ‘Happy Wednesday!’ and if you think I have an OK handwriting, it gets better! I SWEAR. 

Just another snapshot.

Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “Tea + Wednesday Morning

  1. I enjoy green tea too and have been having plain yogurt and fruits in the morning for the past few weeks, though I have yet to try Greek yogurt.

    I do agree some pens would bring out better handwriting than others but my writing is more like a doctor’s scribbling (no disrespect to doctors, of course :P) Sometimes I can hardly read my own handwriting LOL


  2. Not fond of the Greek yogurt, but why not put in some powdered base protein mix (all sorts of flavors) and give it a stir, it will help with the wrenching taste of that yogurt.


  3. I love green tea! I have it every afternoon while at work. For the plain greek yogurt, I recommend adding in some Kashi Go Lean Crunch granola-has tons of protein, fiber and whole grains and adds some sweetness. I also like to add blueberries and some brown sugar!


  4. I’ve tried green tea on a empty stomach and it works wonders!

    I thought it was me who had this crazy feeling that some pens were bringing the best on my handwriting than others. I’m glad to know that you think the same way!
    Your handwriting is very pretty no matter the kind of pen 😉


  5. I applaud you for staying on your healthy program and especially because you didn’t set some crazy ridiculous goal that you won’t keep. One week at a time is perfect!


  6. Love this blog for so many reasons 🙂 For the Greek yogurt, I’ve had it with honey and berries and it tastes worlds better.

    As for the pen, for those who write by hand, they will understand EXACTLY what you mean. I hope you find it soon!


  7. I’m having a green tea right now while enjoying catching up on your posts. It is so yummy and relaxing


  8. Cute, cute post. 🙂 I just discovered a love for Green Tea this year. And as for plain greek yogurt, it might help to add some agave syrup to it. It adds a bit of natural sweetness! My housemates swear by it. Hope you find your pen! I make sure to always have mine with me! I understand your flustered feeling without it. 🙂


  9. I prefer the Rooibos tea or red bush, It is high in antioxidants and caffeine free (unlike green tea) & low in tannin. I enjoy the taste too. Have you tried this?


  10. I personally love plain Greek yogurt, but one way to make it dessert-like, in a healthy way, is to add some honey and walnuts to it. In plain form it accompanies rice nicely also 🙂


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