On the Go!

Hi all! Today is a very exciting day for us. We are meeting up w/ Aunt Helen for a day of shopping fun! Then picking daddy up early from work and hopefully can enjoy some Japanese Magnolias and Cherry Blossoms before they all fall. Each yr, it’s a ‘catch me if you can thing w/ the Cherry Blossoms since they bloom and fall w/ a blink of an eye.

Making sure to bring my Bolthouse green goodness w/ me so I can continue w/ the healthy regimen this week. Although I must admit, I’ve sneaked in some cajun spicy  pringles, fried pot stickers, buttered baked pate chaud, etc. My bad!

Always bring a bottle of h2o too! I hate paying 2 bucks for those tiny plastic ones. Seriously?! And how I LOVE these Voss glass bottles!!

Zoey’s beginning snacks so I need to prepare her snack disc! So much to think about. Can’t I just grab my  bag and head out the door? Those days are long gone. 

Can finally put a bow on Zoey’s hair! Perfect for Spring. 

Sporting her silver Mary Janes. 

Enjoy your Friday!

Til next post, Kellie


16 thoughts on “On the Go!

  1. Kelly, I have been reading your blog from time to time, and I just LOVE it! Your pictures are fantastic! When did you get so good with a camera? Your daughter is absolutely adorable and I LOVE what she is wearing in today’s pictures. What a little European looking model. She is beautiful just like her mommy. Well, it looks like you’re having a lot of fun. Hope to see you someday. 🙂

    Suzanne Thai


  2. I like to think that if I eat enough healthy things, the naughty ones I sneak into my diet don’t count. Probably doesn’t work that way, but a little self-delusion is fun from time to time.

    Hope you enjoyed your shopping trip with adorably MIss Zoey! When I see my daughter loaded down with gear for her two little girls (20 and 4 months) I can’t imagine how I did it for my three! Let’s face it, Mums are amazing!


  3. She’s showing a sense of style already….just like her Mum…the bottom pic is my favourite. These are lovely pix. PS: VOSS looks like some kinda hair product….yeh, I know, you told us it is the green gooodness….


  4. Isn’t Zoe the cutest “fashion plate”!?! Hmmmmm, can totally relate to your ongoing ‘diet regime’ saga. It is such a challenge! Everywhere I go, it seems, there are so many wonderful creations just waiting to be ‘plated’. Will-power, somehow, goes on holiday quite often and I hoist the white flag of submission……..with a smile on my face and a “thank you” on my lips (after all, I must be polite!?!). Sounds like a lovely day. Anxiously awaiting forthcoming pics! Hugs, Doreen


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