Kitchen Window Sill

Happy Saturday! Today is a gloomy, wet, chilly but cozy day. I’m kinda on a cleaning streak. You can say I have spring cleaning fever.  Just tackled the kitchen, which is ALWAYS a mess b/c we do so much cooking. Sometimes, I don’t know why we even try to make foods that take so much effort and time, like fresh pasta, b/c the result is always a very cluttered kitchen space. On top of that, don’t we have a baby?!

Anyhow, just want to share what is currently adorning our kitchen window sill. 

LOVE taking empty wine bottles and using them as vases. They are great b/c they have the long skinny necks which help to keep flowers w/ flimsy stems from buckling. Plus, they just look cool and cost you nothing, except for the price of wine!

Our thyme is budding out new leaves. 

I don’t like filling the bottles with water to their rims. I like the water at different levels in each bottle so it looks more natural and interesting. 

In front of the wine bottles are our two herb pots, rosemary + thyme. Also, a huge vase of red curly willows. Don’t you just love live plants in your home? 

We have seed packets lying around everywhere and they were driving me nuts. During my decluttering adventure, I found this napkin holder in the cabinet collecting dust. So, I decided to put the lazy thing to use! 

Now all the seed packets are in one neat place and I can see them easily!

Seeds of sugar snap peas from our harvest last season. They are waiting to be planted. Time and weather need to align w/ the moon and stars before this can happen. And it needs to happen SOON! 

What’s on your kitchen sill? Please share!

Til next post, Kellie


8 thoughts on “Kitchen Window Sill

  1. I often have seed packets around driving me batty also! Completely understand. Love the idea about the napkin holder. I need to get my hands on some red curly willow for sure! I just adore the way that looks!


  2. I won’t bore you with a picture…not much there but dust. EEK! We have a tiny window over the kitchen sink that looks into our backyard which is not a pretty sight. Oh the joys of inheriting an unmaintained parsonage yard! I usually keep the curtains drawn. Sad but true.


  3. You are multi-creative, Kellie, and I’m so impressed that you have that beautiful, healthy thyme in your house and kept your own seeds from last year! It gets very dry indoors here and herbs are hard to keep inside. I have a great garden coming along outside, though.


    1. Hi! You sound like a seasoned garden! I wish we were able to start outside. The weather has still been pretty chilly. Good luck w/ your garden! Best, Kellie


  4. Lovely post! Love that you use the wine bottles as vases, adds so much character to the window sill. I wish you great success once the stars align and you get to plant your peas… fresh peas are a favorite of mine. Have a great weekend and have fun decluttering. It is so refreshing and satisfying once it is done.


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