Reading Area’s Mini Facelife

Our ‘reading area’ in the bedroom just got a little facelift. Thanks to an awesome glossy modern white tray and some cherry blossoms! To read about a Designated Reading Area, go here.

LOVE the airy whiteness!

Use your favorite books as decorative pieces. What better way to describe your style than the books you read? Say something w/o saying anything at all. 

Love travel sized candle tins. 

I am IN LOVE w/ cherry blossoms! At least now I have them in my room to go ga ga over. 

Gold jewelry is becoming more of my favorite. 

Isn’t cool to see the flowers through the clear vase?!

Such delicate petals. 

Can you tell?! I couldn’t get enough of taking pics of these books!

Our Zoey. 

LOVE the delicate ruffled collar on this cashmere onsie. It’s so romantic and soft. 

Tiny precious feet. 

and hands!

The rosette ‘buttons’ are to die for! 

Caught her pulling on the curtains!

And this is how the space looks in the very early morning around 8am. LOVE the peaceful lighting. 

I made the silk decorative pillow above. For the tutorial, click here

Hope you have a fabulous space where you can get lost in your books. Even if they are just decor or cook books!

Til next post, Kellie.


39 thoughts on “Reading Area’s Mini Facelife

  1. You have my dream space in your home. How beautiful is that? I am so inspired by your post and i just asked my dad to paint my bedroom cabinets in white. That is a good start right? The lace will arrive soon after. 🙂


  2. *happy squeal!* I was excited to see your Danish Design book since I’m planning to study urban design in Copenhagen in the spring. I was looking at different resources for studying Danish design so I’ll take your recommendation for this book.

    As the Danes would say, Tak!


  3. Very nice blog! And your daughter is super cute!! 🙂 I have a baby son myself so watching your blog, and seeing a young mom with her baby feels specially close to my heart. Wish you a lovely and inspiring day!


  4. Hi Kellie,

    This is such a fresh looking space…I feel right at home. Little Zoey is so cute and busy.

    Warm wishes,



  5. A fabulous space…I like your style! The photos aren’t too bad, either! My faves: the white roundish vase and flowers in the white tray, and the pix of zoe. You do selective focus very well…lots of light!


  6. I love the pure, ethereal feel and your beautiful baby adds to the ambiance. It looks like such a peaceful space to unwind and relax with a good book.


  7. I love this post! I love beautiful vignettes and yours is great! How do you take such clear pictures, I struggle with my interior shots 😦 Love your blog, you go girl 😉


  8. I could just grab your style from your pictures and apply it to my own place!!!! I love white furniture. Also I love that you are paying so much attention to detail!!!!


  9. I love your beautiful blog! What an inspiration! I am going to put up some books for decor, and use. The lovely colors you use are remarkable.They would go so well in my modern contemporary home. I can’t wait to see your next blogs. Your photography is remarkable.


  10. Love your new reading area, too! The white tray is beautiful and perfectly adorned. Your daughter is soooo cute! Your photography picks up every detail in focus and does not neglect background details. Your blog is awesome and bright!!


  11. This is so beautiful and I love your photographs! You would’ve loved my mom’s house. It was a home built by an artist inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture. She decorated it with Danish Modern furniture in the 60’s and 70’s. Oh, to have her things now.
    Have a good night!


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