A Perfect Gift { Tiffany & Co. }

If you are ever stuck at finding the perfect gift, I have a suggestion. An engraved heart pendant from Tiffany & Co. To put the cost into perspective, it’s really not that expensive compare to a high end handbag or diamond anything. And it has so much meaning with the personalized engravement. 

I have a few pieces that I cherish and they ALL have such meaning to me. 

I love shooting the tiny, simple details. 

Don’t you love the simplicity and pureness of white tulips? 

LOVE that the outer petal also has a hint of green. Nature is beautiful!

I have 5 sisters (I make 6). Yes, that’s right!! For Xmas one yr, I gave each one a heart necklace w/ their initials and their ‘ranking’. I am the 3rd out of the 6 of us. The 6 necklaces make a complete set and we are not complete w/o one another.  And for my mom so she doesn’t feel neglected, I gifted her a “Mom” heart one. Unfortunately, she thinks it’s kiddish and refuses to wear it. That is the d*mn truth 🙂 (Zoey is not seeing this…or my mom!)

My younger sisters were my bridesmaids and this was their jewelry ensemble- a set of Pearl and Swarovski earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

LOVE the gold specks on this tray. 

Coincidentally, it matches the vase. Some things just fall into place, perfectly. 

I got this when Zoey was born. Her name and bday are engraved on the back. This way I have her close to my heart, all the time. Literally. I plan to do this w/ the next child and the next and next. Just kidding. Only one next!

This one was given to me by my former corporate team members when I was one of the directors at the company. This necklace marked my 2 yr anniversary w/ them. I am now dear friends w/ 2 of my former bosses. 

Nothing is better than a meaningful gift. Include a heart w/ it and it’s golden. Doesn’t hurt that it happens to be from Tiffany & Co. does it?

Til next post, Kellie

19 thoughts on “A Perfect Gift { Tiffany & Co. }

  1. I love Tiffanys & Co. anything. I love everything from the colour of ribbon wrapped box to the gorgeous jewellery. A few years ago, I bought myself a key necklace as a gift to myself. You’re right, the necklace has essentially paid for itself since I wear it everyday. Love the post!


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  3. I have a necklace and bracelet of silver beads from Tiffany and they are my favorites. And yes not all that pricey in the grander scheme of things.


  4. Your photos on this post are so amazing! Its so sweet that you put so much love and thought into your gifts… Very kind and generous.


  5. Tiffany’s is my most favorite jewelry store!!! For our first anniversary, my husband bought me the sterling silver necklace with the ‘mini hearts’ charms, he engraved our wedding date on the blank heart, it was … priceless! And, for our 2nd anniversary, he got me the pink cupcake charm, and when we go to Paris this summer, I want to visit the Tiffany’s in Paris and maybe get the “Eiffel Tower” charm for our 3rd anniversary!!! Anyway, loved this post… and love Tiffany’s 🙂


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