Japadog, yes the term is kinda self explanatory. It’s a Japanese embellished hotdog! We caught this street food vendor right in front of our place, The Sutton Place Hotel in Vancouver. The name sounded interesting and we are all about trying street foods.

I wish there were more where I live. They usually have the most unique tasting food for the cheapest prices. The downside is there is usually no where to sit to eat and the eating gets super messy. 

Interesting ingredients. I got the Oroshi, #7.

The best part is that they have all the condiments you can think of, relish, pickles, hot peppers, etc. I hate going to places where they are stingy w/ those stuff. It’s like going to a Chinese restaurant and have to pay for rice. I mean, how do you eat Chinese food w/o rice anyways? It should come with the order, automatically. 

I already love this place b/c they have Sriracha, a famous Asian hot sauce. It puts tobasco to shame. To me, tobasco tastes like tomato juice. Not sure where the hotness comes in. Although I do LOVE habareno tobasco, that’s the type of spiciness that I like!

O.M.G. more spiciness. LOVE.

Looks like a polish sausage.

My order. 

My order embellished w/ all the spicy goodness! Def. transforms the dog!

Wasabi mayo. Love the color!

Yes, you get these pickles for FREE!

My husband’s order. 

So we both stood in the street and devoured the dogs like we have no shame. Doesn’t matter, b/c when are you starving, this hits the spot!

Japadog has locations in Canada, Seattle, and just opened a real storefront in NYC! It looks very modern and nice. Click here to go to NYC store. 

Til next post, Kellie


14 thoughts on “JAPADOG

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Oh, there is one in Canada. If I see one, I must try!

    Interesting that you can transform a simple hot dog to something so exotic. When my family and I were in Kauai, we had some Puka Dogs. The hot dogs themselves weren’t impressive but the relishes and mustards were delicious!


  2. Yum, i loveeeeeeee these!! My favourite is the okonomi one, you should try it when you get the chance. And Sriracha sauce for the win yay!! Also, thanks for visiting, got a little too excited over japadog hehe.


  3. Wow! You get those pickles for free? Definitely worth the price, I suppose. I love Sriracha too, but haven’t found it here yet. I wish we have those places over here.


  4. This is such a cool idea and yummy options. I think it would be a problem for me if they were stationed right outside my door as I think I would be a frequent visitor to their establishment.


  5. i so wanna try this!! and it’s just a few train stops away from where i am! if only i wasn’t on this elimination diet for my son’s eczema…!!


  6. We have one of these stands in Seattle! I really have to give them a try, this looks pretty amazing 🙂


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