Join Me on Pinterest!

A late bloomer, I am. I’m sure many of you have already spent countless working hours pinning away on pinterest! Well, what better way to pass the day than daydream of what your ideal kitchen can look like or what trends to buy this season?!

I just got onto the band wagon and hope that you will join me! To follow, visit my site

As you can see, it’s at a birthing stage right now but surely will flourish into inspiration awesomeness! Isn’t more intriguing to follow something from inception? It’s kinda like reading a story, how does it begin, where will this journey lead, and how will it end? But more important are all the chapters in b/w. The trial and errors that define the whole story. 

So I hope you will join this next journey of mine as I am most excited about my board “Til Death Do Us Part” which I will pin wedding inspirations for my newly engaged sister. Two and a half yrs later, wedding planning again! This time, it’s not for me. Even BETTER!

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “Join Me on Pinterest!

  1. Now following you on Pinterest for wedding and other inspiration! And thanks for keeping up with my wedding plans!



  2. Funny you should mention, I was just talking about this on my FB page as well. It’s on my list to get on Pinterest, too…. I will check yours out soon, too! Your site here is SO gorgeous, like you! … Happy Tuesday & thanks for your “like” – I really appreciate it! Cheers, PK


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