Jacadi ~ Paris

A baby fashion post is way overdue! So here’s one for all you mommas and daddas. 

Jacadi has a great baby line. Their clothes are super adorable. Here are a few pieces from Zoey’s closet.

Their onsies are super comfy and plush. 

So freakin cute!

Perfect for Easter!

To to go Jacadi’s sweater collection, click here

To go to Jacadi’s cardigan collection, click here

Sporting her hot red cardigan.

Zoey’s hair clips. 

These has to be the most adorable pants. EVER.

Love the pocket detail.

And the cute bow. I’m dying. 

To go to Jacadi’s pants collection, click here.

What is your favorite baby’s clothing brand? 

Til next post, Kellie


12 thoughts on “Jacadi ~ Paris

  1. I love how you take your (photo) shots! You sure do utilize the macro effect to your advantage. And your watermark just adds that much more “artistic-ness” to your photography. What program do you use?


  2. She trully is dressed so beautifully. The baby collections are so so cute. Could just eat it up and they look so adorable and sweet on baby Zoey.


  3. so nice!!! i dont have kids but i would totally buy those for my nephews (hope the baby boy’s clothings are as cute as the girl’s!!)


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