I Fell In Love, Again.

Yesterday was an excellent day! By chance, I spotted the sofa of my dreams. An antique French Provincial kind. Wasn’t looking for it but it came looking for me (kinda like shopping for clothes, I’m SURE you can relate). Some things are meant for one another don’t you think? And the cross paths are always when you least expect it. 

My husband was on a flight back home so I couldn’t consult his opinion. I usually don’t make huge home decor decisions like this w/o his OK. It’s mutual, you know? But it was screaming my name so loud and clear. Perhaps, I fell in love and couldn’t resist the urge. So I gave it a home. Wait until you see it, you will clearly understand why I was thinking irrationally. Isn’t this what love does to you? 

Luckily, he was OK w/ my buy. We have similar taste and style, that’s the good part. 

So now the game plan is to sell our set of couch which my husband custom designed, built, and upholster himself. It’s been a few good yrs so it’s time for us to depart. You can see a glimpse of the loveseat below. Very modern w/ clean lines. 

Our color scheme was red and gold. Yes, my husband made all those decorative pillows and the gold organza curtains too! Our home is full of diy’s to the max!

We are currently transitioning our color scheme to blue, gray, + white. A livelier color scheme. You can see a tiny glimpse of our blue accent wall in the first picture. Plus, our style has shifted a little. I am obsessed w/ the modern vintage look- Parisian + Mid Century Modern. Parisian influenced after my visit to Paris. Reminds me of old romance combined w/ great style. Mid Century Modern influenced b/c my husband loves this style. The goal now is to combine our two loves. 

The 2nd part of our game plan is to reupholster the Provincial sofa to a velvet blue/gray. This will have to fall into the hands of the husband. Yes, he has major sewing skillz! Thanks to his humble upbringing and watching his mom sew as a child. Unfortunately, he is busy as a bee so this project will take months and months to complete. 

I will surely document the process and can’t wait to see the outcome and share w/ you this little crazy home decor journey of ours!

Like a great romance saga, this is ‘to be continued…’

Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “I Fell In Love, Again.

  1. Thanks for the like on my flower arranging post! I finally moved into my own (rented) place this summer and have had a blast slowly putting things together. It sounds like we’re heading towards similar color palette. Unfortunately, though, I can’t have your awesome accent wall… or can I? : )


  2. Oooh, I love this piece! Just my style. Very sophisticated! I’m impressed that both you AND your husband are crafty! What a great combo 🙂

    – Evanthia


  3. Can I love your sofa too?! I inherited an antique French Provincial loveseat from my great-grandmother years ago. It is pink velvet and needs to be recovered, but I adore it. I can’t wait to see your transformation!


  4. Oh, my, I laughed all the way through this post. I fear that you have a lifetime of transitioning from one thing to another just as I have done, though I feel with great success. What an addiction! My home is FULL of sewing–slipcovers, major draperies, custom upholstery and cushions, etc., etc.–everything you can think of. How lucky are you that your HUSBAND can do this. We are major d.i.y.-ers as well, and I totally relate to projects waiting around for really busy people to get them done.
    I adore your passion for everything, as reflected in your posts.


  5. From what I can see I know I will love it. I can’t wait to see the whole piece. I love anything European. I don’t usuallt make large purchases for the house with out at least consulting my hubby either it is just a mutual respect we have for one another.


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