Spring Cleaning the Dressing Room

Last yr while I was pregnant, w/ the help of my husband, we transformed a guest bedroom into my dressing room. It was a project that I was so excited about and absolutely loved the end result! Of course in the beginning every thing is pristine, neat, and tidy. I would stay in my closet and just admire at my ‘work of art’. I can basically live, eat, and sleep there. That’s how much I loved my new space.

Since Zoey’s arrival, the closet has been on the back burner and has turned into a slight mess. It is in dire need of a great spring cleaning session. And while I realize this, I can’t bring myself to start the dreaded process. My excuse is I’m waiting for the weather to get warmer so I can really catch that spring cleaning fever. 

I need to reassess the situation and be reminded of why I wanted (and needed) this dressing room so badly in the first place. I pulled out some pieces from my closet to give myself some reminders. Oh OK, that’s why. 

Isola snakeskin. LOVE!

So whimsical and romantic. LOVE!

A MAC fan.

This is the cutest candle. EVER. And so perfectly fitting for the closet.

Isn’t she just so sassy?!

Zara gold snakeskin heels. LOVE.

Perhaps when I am done overhauling my closet, I will do a post about it. You might just be impressed. 

Til next post, Kellie


3 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning the Dressing Room

  1. That flower is beautiful- is it like a brooch or just decoration? Can I just say I love your blog. It’s perfect! Thanks for checking out mine too. Bye, E


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