What’s On Your Dining Table?

Lately, if you haven’t noticed, I have this crazy obsession w/ decorative trays. They are so great to put things on and they just make everything look like pieces of art. Also helps to keep things neat and tidy which we can all appreciate. 

Currently, here is what’s on my dining table. 

Do you take vitamins? I try to take omega 3 daily but tend to forget if I don’t have it in sight. This glass bottle helps w/ that problem.

LOVE our white chandelier. Also thinking of building an antique white frame for our canvas wedding picture. It’ll be a nice contrast against the blue accent wall.

Til next post, Kellie.


11 thoughts on “What’s On Your Dining Table?

  1. I have those vitamins too! I also forget to take mine. Why are these simple chores the hardest to remember…


  2. A lovely arrangement. I really like the idea about the vitamins and think they are quite a decorative piece. The candle is lovely too and I hope it has a delicious scent. I must say, in the photo we can see on the wall, please forgive me but it looks as if the two of you are on top of a wedding cake, you know, like the usual one sees on top of some wedding cakes. It looks like an interesting place to get married/have your reception. Good post. 🙂


  3. I chuckle when I see the shelf in the background filled with beautiful things. Your baby doesn’t walk yet, does she? I love your photographs! They always bring a smile to my face.


  4. LOVE trays and use them everywhere. Loving all the ones you’ve been posting and you have managed to make fish oil pills look appealing!! I will never look at mine with the same disdain again. Merci!!



  5. Love that carafe and that’s a great idea of making the vitamins part of the decor too. They look like glass stones you’d use for a bud vase or something!


  6. I adore the idea for the vitamins.
    We have a silver decorative bowl that is currently filled with pears. It’s a simple display, but it is versatile for all seasons. During Christmas, it was filled with red and silver Christmas balls (our colors for this season). I haven’t thought of anything brilliant for summer or spring, so it was back to the basic pears for now.


  7. I love the idea keeping your vitamins in a visible place because I also forget to take mine if they are stashed away in a cabinet.


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