Cherry Blossoms Sunday

Hello! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! We went to the park today to take pictures of the cherry blossoms before they fade away. It was super windy and chilly at the harbor. Don’t you hate cold weather that lingers? I hope it’s already 80+ degrees outside. Hmm..the warmth of spring and summer is so near yet so far. 

My ensemble, which is not relevant but fun!

I am loving gold accessories more and more as I age. Not sure why I used to think they were tacky. This proves that people do change. Sometimes for the better + other times for the worst. 

Gold snakeskin heels by ZARA.

A pop of bright nails.

LOVE the snakeskin belt. 

And below are a few pictures of us at the park.

Beneath a row of fully bloomed cherry blossom trees.

Also, heard through the grapevine that Kolby, my nephew is my biggest fan. He has my blog as his homepage on his newly acquired ipad. Isn’t that the cutest thing? Love ya, Kolby! I’m sure he’s cringing as he’s reading this. Ha! 

Enjoy your Easter Sunday!

Til next post, Kellie


18 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms Sunday

  1. Loved these pictures with the cherry blossoms… put me in the mood for summer!!!! I just love how crisp your pictures always are – I would love your recommendation on a good camera – we have a digital NIKON right now, which takes okay pictures, but I would love to invest in a nicer one.. as capturing memories.. are pretty much priceless, in my opinion!


  2. The pictures of you and the family in the park are simply lovely…glad you caught the blossoms before they’d gone. It’s a great set of pix to have for your album, and to show us too. Lipstick/nail colour — a word — pale pink is a sign of unhappiness and tackiness. For your colouring and good style, I see you in a rich maroon red or even a clear red, you can wear it! 🙂


  3. The blossoms are stunning. Spring is still struggling to make an entrance where I live. There are only a few bulbs trying to say hello. I am so glad you are embracing gold jewelry. It looks stunning and definitely not dated.


  4. Aww! What a great nephew! 🙂 Hiya, Kolby!

    I LOVE your outfit! I have found my taste changing with gold accessories as well. I used to think they looked tacky, but now I tend to gravitate towards them. Perhaps we have grown wiser in our years 😉


    1. @mamacravings, Golden accessories will bring the sun energy towards you, thus you will feel very energized. Silver accessories will detract energy from you, as silver is the moon energy. One must be very careful in choosing accessories, not only to beautify and decorate our bodies, but to help our energy flowing.


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