Silent Moments

Do you ever have those moments? Those silent moments when you say so much more by saying nothing at all? 

Me and my husband- a night at the harbor. I LOVE the simplicity + quietness of this shot. 

Sometimes just a touch, an embrace speaks louder than any words can say. I love these moments. They capture your heart, create lasting memories, and make life so meaningful. 

I wish you moments like these. 

Til next post, Kellie.


12 thoughts on “Silent Moments

  1. I like those moments with my husband. Being together for so long has helped us just be. Usually my chaotic busy mind doesn’t slow down, but with him I can just relax. I don’t have to say a word…..


  2. You guys are so perfect together! Agreed that some peaceful, sweet moments are better than an expensive dinner out can be so much more meaningful. We are having more of those moments together now that the baby is here. Just being together watching the little one sleep and I could not ask for anything better!


  3. i totally agree. i think appreciating silent moments is a lot more difficult than appreciating conversation. it is something more intimate and you can’t feel comfortable in silence with everyone. you need a connection. you need to speak with your eyes and heart. more difficult than speaking with words…


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