Pure Style { Home & Garden }

I often get inspired by images, pretty images of stylish, simple things. This book, Pure Style / Home & Garden has done just that for me. So w/ a warm mug of matcha infused soy milk in one hand and typing w/ the other (not to mention, Zoey on my lap) I want to share some selected pages of Pure Style w/ you.

Yes, I am a talented multi-tasker. I have yet to spill warm drinks (knock on wood!) on Ms. Zoey while doing 3 things at once. This doesn’t mean you should try it at home. Well, try it if you must. But do so at your child’s risk. 

Don’t you love the pink vibrant tulips against the white?

LOVE the wood bowl. 

All in the details. 

Do you have a bedroom that is your sacred haven? It’s probably the most important room in the house b/c that’s where you get rejuvenated for the next day, yet for many of us the bedroom is usually forgotten.

Love the pure whiteness. So innocent and calm.

How nice would it be to have a bedroom that’s always spic and span? Just ready for us to enjoy and relax in? Zoey’s ‘properties’ have taken over our bedroom. The things we put up w/ for this tiny creature!

I wouldn’t mind lounging all day in bed + reading a book if I had a room like this! That and French jazz playing in the background. HEAVEN!

O.M.G. I WANT I mean NEED this bathtub. Another thing on the list to convince the husband. It never ends. 

Love the white airiness of these white curtains. 

How do you make peanut butter look so stylish?!

How cool is this? What a great way to recycle cans. 

I may have to try this!

Hope you enjoyed the pages of Pure Style!

On a side note, I must be banned from holiday candy shopping the day after. I get so excited that the goodies are 50% off and I stack them up! This goes against my plan to eat healthier and look decent for an upcoming cruise trip. Those Robin Eggs Whoppers were screaming my name!

Regrettably, I’ve already eaten 5 of those Robin Eggs by the end of this post. What’s a girl to do?! 

Yes, I had to include this piece of irrelevant information. 

Til next post, Kellie


12 thoughts on “Pure Style { Home & Garden }

  1. Enjoying your blog SO much! I too am often inspired by clean, white, French- (and Scandi-) inspired spaces: I love the way they look and feel. Also, thanks for checking out my blog; I really appreciate it 🙂


  2. proves…. if one really wants to click…. one may not go far away…. and instead look nearby…. to one’s left and right…. and some great pictures can me shot… thanks for sharing.


  3. Your work is absolutely lovely! And as for the bedroom comment, mine looks like the drawers exploded and the Strand Book Store decided to use it for storage 🙂

    My family owns a claw-foot bathtub and while it is amazing, it’s also short. Very deep, but very short. Make sure to do some shopping and find the right size for yourself and your family 🙂


  4. I have to know. I just wonder too often. How did you learn to take photos like that? Have you had extensive photography lessons? Courses? Where? And your way of capturing a “feeling” in the photos–how did you acquire that? I really do need to know.
    Breathtaking, really.


    1. Hi! Thanks for such a sweet compliment! I actually have no background in photography although I wish I did! I must admit that my husband has taught me a few tricks here and there (he doesn’t have training either) but gets annoyed as I ask him the same things over and over! I just love snapping pictures (most of the process has been self taught as I go) and I guess it shows! Best, Kellie.


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