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Happy Friday!

Hello! Aren’t you glad it’s Friday?! I’m always grateful when Friday approaches b/c this means family fun weekend time! My sister from NYC is coming into town and we are planning to make seafood hotpot for dinner. I love seafood and I’m craving for some hot cajun, spicy boiled crawfish! Where I live, the markets don’t sell live crawfish. If they can import salmon from China, why can’t they order live crawfish from Louisiana? I just don’t get it. 

Anyhow, Happy Friday! 

My fish oil looks like gold pearls. LOVE it! 

Loving the vibrant colors. 

I love it when the light shines through our place in the morning. So calm and peaceful. Can’t wait til it gets warm enough to open the windows + take advantage of fresh air. 

Have a GREAT weekend!

Til next post, Kellie



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  2. Liz

    Thanks for the like on foodforfun (ice cream making:-)). Your site is gorgeous. How was the seafood hotpot?


  3. The jar with the capsules looks beautiful. I wonder whether you have to be concerned about UV/light?
    Here in Australia it’s well into Sunday already. Beautiful sunshine,
    22 C, that is 70 F I think. We’re on our way to Sydney today to go to a concert.
    Have a great weekend with your sister!


  4. Love your photos and style, gorgeous!!! It’s officially moving into Sunday morning here but still enjoying the weekend all the same. I agree, those capsules do look like golden pearls…


  5. littlebrownbaby

    I love the simple things you do to decorate; they are really quite beautiful…especially the fresh flowers!


  6. Also loving the wall color.. you should write on choosing paint colors, and the color scheme you have in your home. Very beautiful.


  7. Kellie, Even though we are ‘retired’, Friday is always welcome. Most of our friends still work as do our family, so the weekend affords us many relaxing opportunities to “reconnect” with those still caught up in the ‘dailies’. This morning I awoke to sunshine and 48F and now it’s cloudy and 50F. But, really, that’s ok. The promise of much needed moisture is on our doorstep. The rumble of thunder is possible tomorrow and, through Sunday, the forcast for Spring showers reamins with us. That’s ok, too. Although a vibrant green outside my window now, how much more so it will be after that flash of lightening and crack of thunder signalling the seasonal ‘wake-up’ call!! Have a wonderful, family fun-filled weekend and good visit with NYC Sis! Hugs, Doreen


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