1st GIVEAWAY!!! { hint: MAD MEN Inspired }

Mad Men has taken this country by storm. Not only b/c of the enticing story lines and the seductive/glamorous fashion of both men and women, but also b/c of its keen attention to the nostalgic details of that period.  The design sets boast lines, shapes, textures, and colors reminiscent of iconic Mid-Century Modern aesthetics. 

Mad Men is responsible for setting a new wave of revival interest in Mid-Century Modern designs for those who lived through the 1950’s-1960’s AND also familiarizing the current generation to this era’s popular style. 

You may already know that I am quite OBSESSED w/ Mid-Century Modern pieces (in addition to Parisian architect). To me, they represent timeless quality designs w/ form and function. 

So if you are like me or any of the millions of people who are quite obsessed w/ this time period decor, you will want to check out Stylish Furniture + Decor where you’ll find great pieces inspired by Mid-Century Modern design. 

Below are some of my FAVORITES from Stylish Furniture + Decor. 

Look at how FAB this kitchen/dining space looks adorned by these chairs! Image Source here

Here, you see a black TEZZO chair pop in a white home office space. These chairs are multi-functional and work perfectly in a variety of settings. Don’t you just LOVE the inspirational wall made of clip boards? How inexpensive and easy that would be to create?! I am inspired!

Another FAB dining area seen w/ these chairs. 

Love how the Marni chair is mixed w/ different chair styles. 

I have these stylish rockers in my reading area! LOVE them.

Me + Zoey. 

Here you see the Agnes side chair at a casual reading area. 

The Agnes side chair at a workspace. Image source here

A set of Agnes side chairs at the dining table. LOVE the multi-functional use!

So you must be wondering, “What is the GIVEAWAY?!” by  now. Well, if you are expecting something like a nail polish bottle or of similar sorts, you’re at the wrong place b/c here, we start things off w/ a bang!

I am super excited to announce  my FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY. Drum roll pleaseee…

Yes, this Mid-Century Style AGNES side chair will also come w/ the fab RED cushion. How stylish is that?! There’s nothing better than white with a pop of color. Oh, how I want the AGNES side chair for my work space! Images above by style-files 


1. You must be an active follower (via email) on BOTH STYLISH FURNITURE + DECOR AND LE ZOE MUSINGS BlOGS.                                                                                                        

2. You must ‘LIKE’ BOTH STYLISH FURNITURE + DECOR AND LE ZOE MUSINGS FACEBOOK PAGES.                                                                                                    

3.  Please leave a comment below stating your interest in the giveaway + share where this new chair will live in your abode!  

4. Entry deadline- Sunday, April 22nd, midnight Eastern Time.  




STYLISH FURNITURE + DECOR is giving you a SPECIAL 10% DISCOUNT!!! Please enter code LeZoe upon checkout to redeem your discount. You may also find a direct link to their site by clicking on their logo on the right sidebar.  Code expires 6.30.12

Bet you didn’t see this one coming!

( If you have a great product and are interested in a giveaway collaboration, please contact me at lezoe2012@gmail.com ) 

Til next post, Kellie


52 thoughts on “1st GIVEAWAY!!! { hint: MAD MEN Inspired }

  1. Thanks Kellie for posting on my blog an invitation to check out this giveaway! This chair would be perfect in my kitchen. Please include me in the drawing. Thanks again! Beth


  2. Super cute! I actually would put this in my children’s room it matches their decor so well and I’m sure my son would love it. Followed both via email and on Facebook 🙂


  3. GREAT giveaway! I follow both blogs via wordpress and just liked both fb pages.

    I would absolutely LOVE this chair for my new little apartment with my brand new fiance! We only have 2 chairs at our Tulip white fiberglass table and this chair would make it complete!!!!!


  4. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway! I follow and ‘like’ you both. The chair would live in front of my dressing table most but would also be used as a desk chair, extra seating for company, and any other place I could think of.


  5. Absolutely love the molded rocker chair. Those are the cutest chairs in a kids room. The midcentury Style AGNES chair would replace my boring black business style chair on coasters that sits in front of my Bombay desk. I love to mix and match to create a stylish yet comfy home; and the pure lines of the AGNES chair sets off the curves of my dark wood work desk. I just LOVE statement chairs. They bring so much pizzaz, smile and personality to a space.


  6. …and….. following both blogs! Great style. I also have a little girl! She’s 14 months old and teething like crazy as well. ugh… So much fun, isn’t it?


  7. What a fabulous giveaway!!! Wow. I’m so excited to think I might win this cutie!

    I would put this baby in my art and design room for sure! I’m currently sitting on a backless “stool” type of thing, and while it’s cute, NOT good for my back. This has to be better. I’m at my art and design table all the time….. working on work and my blog.

    Thanks for sharing this in the comments of my blog! I’m so excited about it!
    Hope some of my other readers check it out too!



  8. That beautiful chair would sit perfectly in my living room. And I’d love to have it there so when my friends come over to visit me, not only will they complement me on the sexiness of my chair and unbelievably good taste, they’ll be downright itching to know where I got it. And lo and behold… Le Zoe Musings and Stylish Furniture and Decor! New wine parties are definitely in order.

    Thanks again for the giveaway!


  9. I am SO excited about this giveaway. This chair would sit at my dining room table. It will fit in with all the other Mid-century furniture in my house. My fingers are super crossed!!!
    ( I follow both on fb and email)


  10. Now that my office is becoming a nursery, I’ll be moving my workspace into our bedroom. This will make for a much more calming bedroom workspace!


  11. Kvan! I love the giveaway – it reminds me of some similar orange ones which we sat on when we first met! I would put this in my home office so I could sit, read, and drink tea in peace and quiet while looking great (like that ever happens).


  12. Great photos:) Will you like to have your interior house featured on my blog? (: If so, do send the photos to my email and I will be more than happy to do it! 🙂



  13. Such lovely photos. There’s nothing like the shell chairs. We have collected many of the Eames chairs… some with eiffel bases, cats cradle, and rockers, but I love the wood leg bases in the first picture. I’ll may now have a new obsession. Nice post.


  14. Hi! I found your blog after starting mine. As a new mom I love reading about moms with style, like yourself. This chair would go so well with my desk. It will be the first ‘treat’ I have gotten since the biggest treat of all…my son. 🙂 I’ve liked both sites and am following both. On facebook my name is Virginiaa


  15. I LOVE your blog!! And I would love this chair to replace the broken one that’s been making sitting at my desk a (literal) pain in the butt! I love mixing decades, and I don’t have nearly enough mod furniture…


  16. Hey, Kelli, Just posted your fab giveaway over at my place! Those chairs are absolutely among THE most comfortable EVER!!!!!! I remember when they first were marketed……loved them then, too!! However, the simplicity of the pristeen white versions is to die for!!!! The little rocker truly is the “bomb”! Hugs, Doreen


  17. What a fabulous giveaway! I love it! When I win {the power of positive thinking in action}, I will finally have my own reading area in MY bedroom. LOVE! xoxo, Crystal


  18. Hi Kellie 🙂 I’ve never left a comment, but I’ve been getting your e-mails for a while, so, I guess now is just as good a time as ever. I’m a broke college kid living in Connecticut and I have just fallen in love with your blog. I got a few serving trays and fresh flowers from my room because of you! Everyone loves them! So, I have to thank you, naturally, for brightening up my life on a daily basis 🙂 I love mad men. I have been slowly (excruciatingly so) expanding my wardrobe to incorporate more ties (32 in total over 6 months), suits (4 pants, 2 vests, 2 jackets, 1 peacoat), and shoes (I destroy shoes, so I’ve bought over 6 pairs, but worn through all of them) because of Mad Men. If these two life lemons were to meet in some massive collision of epic lemonade baring proportions, well, well I don’t know what I’d do! Faint perhaps! *Black out*
    Well now, I would put my newly acquired chair with my teeny, tiny (2×2) desk with my iMac that I use for work in my room. I just love the thought of this chair sitting in the place of my current one: a refurbished spinning stool from a drum set my sister hasn’t touched in a decade. Oh, a boy can wish, can’t he? If you get through reading all of this, because lets be honest, I’m a male and there for of the lesser sex in the species and reading anything I’ve written will constitute as a crime against your womanhood, I wish you the best of luck with your blog. Thank you for considering me! – Day


  19. Such an AWESOME giveaway!! We have a boon white highchair with a bright orange cushion, that is similar and I always look at my sweet babe sitting in it and think, ‘Wow, I’d really love to sit in a chair that cool.” This would be perfect in our breakfast nook. I’m a complete chair junkie. f.y.i. LOVE your blog. Your photos are beautiful!


  20. Ohh What a fab giveaway! I loooove the look of those chairs, very sleek + coool. If I had a REAL home office space, I would use the chair there but for the time being, definitely in my bedroom where I have my “desk”/make up counter.


  21. Love this giveaway and the chair of course! I am obsessed with white furniture!!! I am just searching a new flat which I have to furnish completely from scratch soon! This chair would be the perfect start for my office space!!!!


  22. This chair would look perfect next to my window that overlooks the trees. It would be a great addition to our bedroom which we are redecorating. Very nice giveaway!


  23. Gorgeous photos Kellie! And fabulous 1st giveaway! I would use the chair in my own home office, of course.. need to have that piece front and center!


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