My former boss, now a great friend gifted me a chain of Chewbeads shortly after I delivered. Yep, the  name sounds kinda silly but the concept is actually clever. A stylish necklace for mamma + a teething/chewing toy for baby all in one!

Jill is the kind of woman who you can look up to- stylish, smart, + successful. I remembered that she always strut into the office w/ the coolest outfits. Her handbag collection was enormous full of drool worthy brands. I especially LOVE her cross body Hermes and the Gaufre Napa Prada bag. 

So of course when she gifted me Chewbeads, I knew it HAD to be stylish + genius all wrapped up in one!

Yesterday was the ideal ‘walk in the park’ day and I haven’t worn the Chewbeads yet. It was the perfect opportunity to take Zoey out and have her chew on mommy’s necklace if she wanted to! Now that she’s actively teething, she has the urge to chew on EVERYTHING that she can get her tiny hands on!

LOVE the gold snap on clasp! 

Gold arm swags to match the clasp.

Remember in the Declutter Agenda post, I said that I couldn’t throw anything away? Well, I kept some white silk scraps from when my husband did our headboard +  finally found some use for it! It’s currently a lining for a decorative tray. 

These teal suede flats are sooo comfy! Perfect for walking in the park.

They come in all different colors. Blue would be great for baby boys! I LOVE my fabulous punchy pink one. They also have bracelets and different style necklaces. To visit Chewbeads, click here

NEVER ever allow your baby to wear Chewbeads! It’s not meant to be for their toys.

LOVE the color combo + the velvet bow!

And OF COURSE Ms. Zoey has to match mommy, one way or another. 

I wouldn’t wear fancy shirts while strutting your Chewbeads! You don’t want your baby’s drool (although precious) all over your expensive silk blouse! Here I’m wearing a sheer Banana Republic white tee. 

Just b/c you’re a mommy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice fashion! Stay FAB!

Chewbeads- the perfect gift for any new mommies or mommies to be!

Til next post, Kellie


67 thoughts on “Chewbeads

  1. I work at a preschool and I have told so many moms about these beads since I read your blog, and they are so excited to check them out. AND, I actually saw them at the Museum of Modern Art this past weekend. I think these are so cool, I don’t have any kids yet myself, but I plan on buying them for all my mommy friends!


  2. Very cool, Fierce at the same time. I’m liking the chewable beeds. Very cool, This is my first time hearing about these beeds. I like that its for the baby but at the same time they are very fashion forward. The pics are very nice to, Very beautiful pics of you and the baby.


  3. Ingenious! Thanks for posting the website! I know quite a few mommies with “teethers”–aka, babies who are teething, and mommies-to-be, so Chewbeads would definitely be a great gift! 🙂


  4. Love my chew beads but every time I wear them I kick myself for not thinking up this brilliant idea!


  5. Well, you certainly taught me something today. My daughter is now 26 and the only thing she grabs is my wallet! Boy, I could use some of those chew beads to distract her. You and your baby look beautiful and I’m sure the chew beads are quite fashionable. All joy in learning new things and your child will certainly be teaching you a lot. HF


  6. I don’t have any of the Chewbeads, but I do have an awesome purple cuff bracelet that is also a teether. Thing is, I never get to wear it, because my baby wants to chew on it all the time! Maybe I’ll just have to get another one 😉


  7. Brilliant. I could have used these about ten years ago– ha. I like the pic of you and your daughter, her colorful dress and your fab Chewbeads. Great photo shoot. Cheers and hope your week is going good.


  8. Great photos! did you take your tame photographer to the park, too? Wish I’d had some when my girl was little (beads, that is; not a tame photographer!) Thanks for dropping by my blog.


  9. Oh these are so clever. I love it – style for mummy and safe for baby. How neat! I think baby Zoey looks lovely as usual. My little sister had a bright sun dress when she was a baby – they are just adorable. I hope my mum kept it so I can use it one day.
    This post put a warm smile on my face today – thanks 🙂


  10. I love the idea of chew beads and have been eyeballing some online. Glad to see that you are enjoying yours.


  11. Luv the idea:) I had to stop wearing my beautiful necklaces because my little ones went after them. I wish I had these:)


  12. Just love those chewbeads. This is such a great idea.. hopefully it will still be around whenever I have kids. And I love that watch.. I’ve been looking for one like it but can’t find it unfortunately. Great post


  13. I have heard really great things about these necklaces!

    My 2 year old is beyond the chewing on everything stage, but I have several baby showers to attend this season….I have found the perfect/unique/celebrating both baby and mom gift!

    Thanks for sharing.


  14. I love my chewbeads! I have the round ones like yours in royal blue and a chunkier oval shaped style in a creamy color. Some of my mommy friends swear by the bracelets, which are also super cute!


  15. Kellie, I wanted to congratulate you on your store! I love Eames too and modern design. I wish you all the best with it. In fact, I’m thinking of having an on-line store at some point in the future. Have a great day!


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