Recycle Wine & Water Glass Bottles

I like keeping empty wine/water glass bottles and using them as vases. You can’t get more simple and inexpensive than this. And the result is STUNNING!

The different hues of green along w/ the unique shapes + heights make for an interesting flower arrangement tablescape. Add some tea lights and you’re all set. I would totally do this for those outdoor summer dinner parties. 

Love them VOSS bottles!

Went to the garden today and was surprised to see that the Irises were in bloom! Of course I had to clipped them and give them an indoor home. 

A good color combo that you may want to try – different hues of blue bottles + pink flowers.

Isola shoes are available at Nordstrom. I LOVE these purple/black patent leather ones. 

And as always, Happy Friday + have a GREAT weekend!

Til next post, Kellie

32 thoughts on “Recycle Wine & Water Glass Bottles

  1. Giving an old wine bottle new life is a great idea! Our company repurposes bottles too. Imagine a plethora of various wine bottles in different colors and shapes lit from within, hanging upside down in a wonderfully decorative chandelier. We can do that! I’m so happy that others appreciate the fact that bottles can hold more than just wine!


  2. This is Awesome ! I am definitely going to try this home 🙂 Thanks for sharing. Missed going through your lovely posts 🙂


  3. I never thought about using my wine bottles for flowers. That is a great way to make beautiful use of a nice bottle of wine shared on a relaxing evening with my husband! I also have to say that those purple/black patent leather shoes are fabulous!


  4. So very beautiful, thank you for posting! I’ve always wanted to make a garden so I could have fresh flowers in recycled wine bottles, but I never got around to it. These purple irises have inspired me. (There’s some beautiful “weedflowers” here that would clean up real nicely…)


  5. Love those patent leather shoes.
    But I was wondering, if you still keep the same flowers in the same bottles, but put all the bottles together in a bunch, it wud make a beautiful table arrangement, no?


  6. good one. in australia virtually every restaurant recycles their wine bottles and use them as water jugs or flower vases. green!


  7. My irises are out, also, and they look to be some of the most beautiful ever! Those strappy shoes are absolutely gorgeous…….I have a little black knit dress those would be perfect with……checked out the Nordstrom link but didn’t see them!-( Thanks for the awesome post!!!!


  8. I use blue glass bottles as vases. And my favourite wine glasses are recyled, too. I love those flowers and those SHOES! The strappy purple ones are beautiful! Looking for weddeing shoes and those may be the ones. Do they come in flatter versions, though? Heels don’t like me. 🙂


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