Fabric Selection

Currently we are in the midst of redecorating our place and switching over to a sea blue, gray, + white color scheme (frm a reddish orange/gold one). This has been on the agenda for maybe a yr + now but slowly we are working toward achieving our goal.

One thing that we can check off our list is the fabric selection. Of course, we are reupholstering everything ourselves.  At least the husband is. I leave complicated, intricate sewing work for him. Hey- I help w/ all the minor details like shopping for home accessories + unexpected necessities (this happens often while in the stores). 

This luxurious gray velvet pattern will be used for the dining chairs. 

Another item to check off the list- painting the accent walls. I love this color blue against our walnut shelves + white dishes. Goes well, no? 

This gorgeous solid blue/gray velvet will be used for the Provincial Sofa that I completely fell in love w/ and bought on a whim while my husband was on an airplane! To see a glimpse of the lovely sofa, click here

Hopefully we will accomplish this project by the end of summer. I can’t wait to share the transformation! 

Do you have a home project that’s been waiting on the back burner? 

Til next post, Kellie. 


10 thoughts on “Fabric Selection

  1. Love the fabrics. They correlate well, so well that the sofa would look awesome in dual fabric (solid on the exterior and print on cushions and bench)


  2. My husband and I just moved into my childhood home. We have to remodel from top to bottom and modernize for our growing 15mnth old son! Its going to be fun! This post is very helpful.


  3. I have a handy guy as well but wow yours can upholster? Very lucky:) The fabric choice looks great! I have a big project on the back burner but a potentially fun one. I have to give my baby girl her very own room and re-do her brothers room. I’m trying to get inspired….


  4. Ooh I need to find myself a creative man who can do all the tougher creative jobs I shy away from. How great your husband can sew and reupholster furniture. I think I’d like to marry a carpenter so he could build a hen house for the hens I plan to have, and create beautiful wooden objects for our home 🙂 *dreaming*


  5. Love your blog and taste. Oh, sofa – that is a beautiful piece. Where did you get it? Well, I am in Toronto and have been looking for this type of sofa for ages…
    Thanks a lot


  6. I’m embaressed to admit that it’s been 3 years since I’ve moved into my house and I still haven’t painted the bedroom. I love the light blue and white color combination and that’s kind of what I was going for. there are so many projects around the house that have been ignored because we’re too busy or tired… I hope one day soon we can start working on the house again. I really love all your decor and color choices.


  7. I love your arrangement of the white dishes. White crockery, so simple, so chic! I look forward to following your progress and seeing the final product! Happy decorating! x


  8. A home project on the back burner you ask? Always–my whole life. I like the division of labour between you and your husband: You get ideas and shop, he makes them a reality. A dream come true.

    Looking forward to seeing the transformation.


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