‘Diaper Bags’

Many of you have inquired about the bag in the pic below as seen in the post, Random Musings. Well, this is good opportunity for me to talk about my ‘diaper bags’. They are not really ‘diaper bags’ technically, but I use them for Zoey’s things when I am out + about. 

There are 4 bags that I use as diaper bags, let’s just call them baby bags.  It sounds better. I rotate the baby bags base on what I’m wearing. The criteria are- they have to be roomy, sturdy, + stylish. I haven’t found a line of baby bags that fit my style so for now these 4 bags will have to play multiple roles. 

This bag is super sturdy. I can see this bag lasting for many yrs to come. In addition, the dark brown color also hides any dirty stains. 

The stitching is super durable and is reinforced where it is needed most- handles + zipper pulls. 

I love this wide adjustable strap, it’s super comfortable. Great for moments when I need to wear this cross body to free my hands. 

These handles are perfect for over the arm. 

Love the gold hardware.

Love the braided detail on the zipper pull. Plus, I like that it’s bigger and longer than normal zipper pulls. Easy + fast accessibility. In this case, size (+ length) matters. 

This is a GREAT tote! It’s versatile and b/c it’s black, it goes w/ many outfits. 

Black + gold = CLASSIC!

Snap closure w/ lavender interior lining. 

The coated canvas is great b/c it’s stain + water resistant. 

Who doesn’t need a FAB red bag?!

I absolutely LOVE the feet at the bottom of this bag. I dislike bags that just collapses at the bottom. EVERY bag should have a hard bottom. 

Red + Gold- another classic!

Great stitching details. 

On a side note, I can strut red nails. However, red lips?! Not so much. Tried a couple of times and I look like a fool. I just don’t have the ‘look’ to pull off such bold colors on my face. Maybe one day…

Do you have a favorite baby bag? 

Til next post, Kellie


25 thoughts on “‘Diaper Bags’

  1. When the little one arrives, diaper bags are a must. This can be anything from a bag specifically designed for this purpose to an oversized shoulder bag with a lot of extra compartments. The truth is that there is no universal rule for diaper bags and how they should look. In fact, they can be very stylish and even affordable.



  2. What a collection of beautiful bags! I struggled to find one that I really liked as well but this post has given me some ideas, however baby is 18 months old now so not sure the timing is right LOL…..but for baby no. 2 absolutely!


  3. love all of them as well! with your detailed recommendations i also found that as much as i prefer leather for purses, i recommend nylon for baby bags because they are so much lighter weight. i really love my rebecca minkoff baby bag as well as the marc by marc jacobs’ line for baby bags.


  4. I don’t have a fave baby bag cause no baby, but I do use an actual baby bag for my laptop bag!! It’s kate spade and hot pink, just tossed the changing pad to the side to save for a later date:) thanks for sharing!!


  5. Love the Gucci & Valentino bags and the close-ups!!! Which Camera do you use guys? Are those bags less expensive in Italy?


  6. Love the Burberry & Valentino! They are all gorgeous. I’m just hoping to get my one diaper bag, and it’s a splurge for me! My husband might pass out if I said I needed more than one! Lucky lady =)


  7. Love the feet on the Valentino! I carry a huge Kate Spade right now so that anytime I need to throw a resume in the bag, I can. I have similar requirements, I suppose 🙂


  8. I really want a Coach baby bag – but I’m not sure if I can justify the money to get one. I’m just using a DKNY purse I have as a baby bag right now. Also, I just recently tried Essie nail polish and I really didn’t like the way it went on. However, it looks lovely on you. 🙂


  9. Wow, stylish bags! Hmm..I really don’t have signature bags like you do, but I love your Valentino red tote..♥


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