My New Goal in Life.

Although I can splurge on certain things, I cannot bring myself to spend a couple of hard earning bucks on one itsy, bitsy, tiny yummy macaron. I love these miniature yummy morsels, but why do they have to be so darn expensive?!

To put things into perspective, $5 for 1 minute of satisfaction or depending on how fast you can devour the thing. This doesn’t sit well w/ me. 

Is it that intricate to make? And truly, how hard can it be?! And why do they have to be so tiny? Is there a bigger version w/ a different name?!

Well, I am about to find out b/c it’s now my mission in life to make these darn things. I refuse to believe that it’s quite impossible. 

And to have these EVERY time I have my green tea…is pure heaven.

Have you made your own macarons? If so, please share some desperately needed secret recipes/tips!

‘Til next post, Kellie


26 thoughts on “My New Goal in Life.

  1. I love French Macarons as well and I recently went to a class to make them. They are not necessarily difficult, but there is definitely a standard order of procedure to making them! I have to get a stand mixer before I attempt making them at home though. I have a hand mixer and hot boiling liquid and hand mixer do not “mix” in my opinion.


  2. Macarons are little discs of heaven. I have never attempted making them, but I hear the procedure can be arduous- perhaps that is why they are priced that way!


  3. The macaroons in that pic look soooo delicious. I will try and make them now too. I put it on my list. They are so light, how could anyone eat just one? I wonder if there is a world record yet for the largest macaroon made. I’ll have to research that…love your blog. The images, writing and layout “pull you in.” Thanks for sharing.


  4. Oh what a wonderful surprise! I love macarons and have written blog posts on them including one on my visit to Laduree… I know they are a tad pricey but they are a worthy occasional treat, no? I love them… Do indulge even if it’s just once. They are not $5 in the Laduree shops but maybe a mark up occurs in other locations. 🙂


  5. I don’t know if you have a subscription to their website but Cook’s illustrated has a good recipe. Bigger macarons exist and they are called the same!


  6. I love macaroons but agree on the price. I am wanting to find a recipe too. Thanks for the post and best of luck to us both!


  7. Making macaron on your own does take a little bit of practice, but it isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it! I think that the most important thing about it is the whipping process – a hand held electric mixer should do the trick 😀


  8. They do look pretty and yummy. But imagine how many more calories they’d be if they were larger? Hey, if you figure out how to make them, you could sell them: The People’s Macaroon. One tip from a class I took and lessons learned, is to really try to savor the moment with that delightful piece of food. Be present with it. Take it in with all your senses- smell it, notice it’s texture, imagine it was the last one on earth as you partake. It might be hard to find the time to do this type of focus with a baby around but it could stretch your cost per minute dollars further and make it feel less expensive if you can take 10 minutes to enjoy it, instead. :). If none of that works, I think Trader Joe’s sells them in tubs.


  9. Unfortunately they’re more complicated than they look. I’ve tried to make them myself – 3 hours later the kitchen looked like a bomb site and I had three sorry looking macaroons for my troubles. Decided to leave Laudree to it and enjoy theirs instead! Good luck x


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