All Her Mary Janes.

Hello! Hope everyone is have a FABULOUS Wednesday! It’s quite busy here as I am preparing to get us ready to go on our week long cruise.

I’m packing Zoey’s shoes for the trip and bringing 4 of her Mary Janes. I’m excited for her to wear these w/ her spring dresses. We’ve been cooped up for way too long up here in the Northeast and it’s time for my little one to dress like it’s really spring outside! 

I have a problem- no it’s not buying too many shoes for Zoey. It’s taking too many photos of the same thing. When I shoot, I kinda get in the zone and just keep clicking away! Today, I challenged myself to keep it simple. Sometimes, less is more, right? The goal is to take ONE great photo per pair of shoes and collectively create one common story. 

I wanted an extremely simple background to make the shoes the main focus. The gray hard cover book was perfect for it’s neutral color and the blush pink/pale yellow tulips were PERFECT against it. 

Zoey should not have any problem matching any dresses w/ these four colors of Mary Janes.  It’s good to be prepared and have options! 

‘Til next post, Kellie


45 thoughts on “All Her Mary Janes.

  1. Great post – reminded me of the beautiful velvet shoes I had as a child. My mother was always careful to buy very good shoes and we used to go to a family owned store where, when trying on shoes, the assistants sat on little stools in the shapes of animals. I loved going there – consquently, as an adult I still love shoe shopping and have lots and lots of shoes!!!!


  2. I love Mary Janes! They are my favourite shoe style…I wish I could find those silver sparkly ones in my size 😉 Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog today…Yours is lovely.


      1. Hi! I draw lots of animals with fun personalities… You can see examples on my ‘Comics’ section. I have a whole cast of characters. My main character is ‘Puppy’. He’s in love with a beautiful yellow duck and his best friend is a break dancing turtle named Carl….


  3. Ooo, I’d be torn between the red ones and white for choice! All of her shoes are so exquisite Snd I’d bet Zoe definitely has a say in which ones she likes best on the day!!! 🙂


  4. Great job on the photos. Simple yet elegant and effective job telling the “story.” I hope you all have a fabulous time on the cruise. I do think every girl needs a pretty purple pair of shoes though!


  5. That’s so many shoes. WOW. Lucky girl. Have a good time. What cruise are you going on ?
    I love reading your posts. Are you a professional photographer??


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