Growing Too Fast!

Hello! Just want to share some shots of Zoey that I took while observing her sitting in a chair. Such precious and innocent moments. 


Standing on her own!

It wasn’t until 9 mths ago that she entered our lives. Life is completely different now, many sleepless nights, worrisome trips to the ER but all so worth it for the moments when she smiles, touches your face, or reaches another milestone. 

The simplest things mean so much more- an innocent kiss, her tiny hands, a walk in the park. I’m in the processing of cleaning out her closet and already put away 2 garbage bags full of clothes that she no longer fits. It’s such a bittersweet experience that it brought tears to my eyes. 

As I snap away, I hope one day Zoey will be appreciative of all these moments captured for her (by her mommy).

‘Til next post, Kellie

33 thoughts on “Growing Too Fast!

  1. Your daughter is beautiful. It’s so lovely to see how much you two appreciate each other in this blog. 🙂


  2. You are going to look back at these pictures in a few years and see them as if you just took them. She is precious. Happy weekend!


  3. Hi, these days i wait for the notifications of your new post. You got an art of telling things in an enchanting manner. Baby joey is adorable ..lots of love to her…



  4. Hi, these days i wait to get the notification of your new post ….You got an art of telling things in an enchanting way ….baby Joey is adorable….



  5. There’s nothing like being a mom! Indeed, they grow too fast. Thank you for sharing your sweet, precious Gift with us 🙂


  6. Zoey is so beautiful, and the photos you’ve captured are breathtaking. I’m sure she’ll be grateful to have these to look back on when she gets older. ❤


  7. Precious photos of your beautiful girl. You obviously have the camera nearby most of the time. Zoey will be like my granddaughter with her photographer mother, always ready to pose.


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