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Instagramming From Miami!

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT Sunday! Currently in Miami and spent a FAB day w/ my sis! We went shopping (of course) + headed to Starbucks for a few frapps. It was nice spending quality time w/ her and catching up on sisterly stuff. 

Here are just a few quick snapshots at Starbucks via Instagram. 

Weather is super hot here so these frapps were just perfect, although not for the waistline.  Sis got venti mocha cookie crumble and I got venti white chocolate mocha. 

Btw- Starbucks is having happy hour from May 4-13th, half off all Frapps. Don’t miss out!

‘Til next post, Kellie



  1. that kills me. You were in Miami, and you went to starbucks, instead of getting a Cafe Con Leche’ at a local Cuban Cafe. My God whats this world coming too, Just kidding though, no seriously that kills me.


    • Ha! I know where you’re coming from! However, I’m not a coffee drinker (it gives me crazy side effects) although I do LOVE the taste of Cuban coffee and I’ve yet to find a Cuban cafe that serves decaf cuban coffee. My sis loves SB frapps. The trip was for her. Thanks for stopping by! Best, Kellie


  2. redvelvet101

    What’s your instagram account? I would love to be able to follow you. If you’re interested, mine is emhoca. Bye, E


  3. frenchtippedwanderlust

    What’s your instagram? I would love to follow you 🙂


      • frenchtippedwanderlust

        Ah! You should get one they are so addicting! I just got mine a couple weeks ago when they finally made an Android version and it is probably my favorite social media yet! 🙂


  4. I love that you are writing from the US. This way, I always have a new post in the morning when I wake up to read while having breakfast! Fantastic start into the new day!!!!


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