Instagramming From Miami!

Hello!! Hope everyone is having a GREAT Sunday! Currently in Miami and spent a FAB day w/ my sis! We went shopping (of course) + headed to Starbucks for a few frapps. It was nice spending quality time w/ her and catching up on sisterly stuff. 

Here are just a few quick snapshots at Starbucks via Instagram. 

Weather is super hot here so these frapps were just perfect, although not for the waistline.  Sis got venti mocha cookie crumble and I got venti white chocolate mocha. 

Btw- Starbucks is having happy hour from May 4-13th, half off all Frapps. Don’t miss out!

‘Til next post, Kellie


13 thoughts on “Instagramming From Miami!

  1. that kills me. You were in Miami, and you went to starbucks, instead of getting a Cafe Con Leche’ at a local Cuban Cafe. My God whats this world coming too, Just kidding though, no seriously that kills me.


    1. Ha! I know where you’re coming from! However, I’m not a coffee drinker (it gives me crazy side effects) although I do LOVE the taste of Cuban coffee and I’ve yet to find a Cuban cafe that serves decaf cuban coffee. My sis loves SB frapps. The trip was for her. Thanks for stopping by! Best, Kellie


  2. What’s your instagram account? I would love to be able to follow you. If you’re interested, mine is emhoca. Bye, E


  3. I love that you are writing from the US. This way, I always have a new post in the morning when I wake up to read while having breakfast! Fantastic start into the new day!!!!


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