Meet TAM.

Tam is one of my three younger sisters. She and her fiance joined us on the cruise + while lounging around, I took some shots of her. 

Tam lives in Miami w/ her fiance + their two dogs. Unlike me, who can barely jog for 10 mins if my life depended on it, Tam loves sports. She often joins flag football leagues. Based on her attire, you can’t tell that she is a sporty gal! 

I am LOVING her oversized Betsy Johnson sunnies. 

Sporting a NAVOH cross body bag. You can purchase NAVOH at Nordstrom.  They have great selections and their bags are very reasonably priced starting at $88!

Unlike me who’s afraid of strutting bright lipsticks, Tam is wearing an AWESOME bright pink, Chatter Box from MAC. I actually tried on this color and LOVE it. This may be my first introduction to bright lips. 

Loving the leopard lining of the neutral blazer. 

Spice up a comfy romper w/ super high wedges + a great blazer. 

We are all into GOLD accessories!

What are your favorite go to outfits?

‘Til next post, Kellie


14 thoughts on “Meet TAM.

  1. Because you asked about my favorite outfits……I’ll just say that I feel most comfortable in blue jeans. So far, I’ve not seen you post that. But that doesn’t mean I don’t like your site. Cause I do. I loved your tea post and soy/tapioca drink posts and all the beautiful flowers:) Great stuff all of it. But as far as clothing, well, I’m still a blue jeans person.


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