The PERFECT Bouquet.

As some of you may already know, I just celebrated my first Mother’s Day! Wow. I am a mother. CRAZY!

The day was perfect. Started off having a great lunch w/ family. Afterwards, while daddy and Zoey went gardening, I spent some quality time w/ my sis in law. 

When I got home, Daddy and Zoey left a sweet card near my bed side and planned a surprise bouquet made from herbs + flowers from our garden. Unfortunately, the surprise failed b/c I went to the garden before they were done. Nonetheless, the bouquet was just PERFECT, surprised or not! 

Daddy arranged the flowers + herbs in a glass pitcher. Isn’t this the most thoughtful and perfect bouquet?! Believe it or not, all the greens are just sages. 

Chive flowers. 

We have TONS of sage. It boggles my mind how much they cost in the market. They are so easy to grow and come back yr after yr. 

I’m not exactly sure what these flowers are called. They are also perennials and this is their 3rd yr’s blooms. 

Funny + sweet…and probably true! 

Zoey wrote this to me through daddy’s pretend kiddish handwriting. Sealed w/ her perfect footprint!

The hand print, however, didn’t come out too well! 

And to top it off, my sister bought me this fruit pie. Goes perfectly w/ a cup of tea. 

My family is far from perfect but perfect for me. I am blessed + grateful beyond words. 

‘Til next post, Kellie


11 thoughts on “The PERFECT Bouquet.

  1. Those pretty purple flowers above are called Salvia or Sage, beautiful vase arrangement. Your blog is wonderful. Thanks for following my blog.


  2. Doctors here in my country have notoriously crooked handwriting. Your husband is like one of the few ones I’ve seen who’s good at their penmanship. 🙂

    Belated happy mother’s day to you my dear. I swear if I become a wife and mommy, I’d like to be just like you. 🙂


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