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Friday Date Night @ Symphony Hall

Each yr my husband gets invited to see the Boston Pops perform at the Symphony Hall Orchestra. Can’t believe it but last yr I was pregnant w/ Zoey when we went. To see that post, click here

It was the perfect opportunity to make it date night although it was cut short. Zoey couldn’t fall asleep w/o mommy so we rushed home to find out that she has fallen asleep just 5 mins ago. Felt horrible that I wasn’t there to comfort her. 

The husband is pretty awesome- cooks, sews, gardens, smart, creative and he’s the BEST father + husband. I am one lucky gal! 

top + skirt- HM, patent leather heels- TAHARI, fold over clutch- NAVOH, available at Nordstroms, belt- vintage thrifted 

Sometimes, public transportation is the best.

Dinner in a box. Although there was open bar, we both got coke since we don’t drink.

Gold bangles.

Works at every opportunity! Never met someone so passionate about his career.

Decaf coffee during intermission. 

Did you go on a date night tonight? Enjoy your weekend!

‘Til next post, Kellie



  1. uncommonprincess

    Dates are the best. =] You two look so cute. Thanks for liking my most recent post.


  2. Awesome photos. I haven’t seen the Pops yet and we’re in Boston. Looks like a great idea for a date night! We had a date night Friday too.. except it was at home and we played Monopoly 🙂


  3. Kellie, we have had similar experiences …the little one did not want to go to sleep so we had to cut short our date night. Unlike in your case, she was still awake and waiting! Kids are awesome! Pure joy! Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.


    • J&L Simon- We are still having trouble putting Zoey to sleep on time each night! Hope we’ll get there in time! Best, Kellie


  4. CAFelegi

    The food looks amazing! I can only assume that they catered that event? Sort of tempted to take a trip to Boston now 🙂


  5. preety92

    Dear fellow blogger,

    I have nominated you for the sunshine award. Please check out my website for instructions on how to accept. Thanks for your continued support, and amazing work. Keep it up and have a lovely weekend.

    Cheers! 🙂

    Love and Hugs,



  6. Gorgeous pictures as always and looks like a very special night out indeed. The dinner boxes look lovely, please tell me they were equally yummy too 🙂


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