Congratulations Graduate!

Went to my youngest sister’s graduation a couple of days ago. She just received her master’s and we are all so very PROUD!! 

I took this shot of Geri as she was walking in. LOVE the glitzy heels.

Miss Zoey looks like such a big girl in this picture. Almost 10 mths!

Daddy forgot his dress shoes!

Have a GREAT Memorial weekend!!

‘Til next post, Kellie

15 thoughts on “Congratulations Graduate!

  1. Your daughter is so beautiful! I love seeing all of your pictures in her stylish outfits. It definitely brightens my day. Congratulations to your sister. It’s refreshing to see someone rock glam heels under those monochromatic robes.


  2. My little cousin graduated a few days ago too! I don’t have any sisters and she is like a little sister to me! I was so proud! Congrats to your sister!!!!! xxxx


  3. yes i love the heels and great shot of your sis 🙂

    like how your daughter’s dress matches your bag, haha


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