D’lish Frozen Yogurt

If you are in the South Florida (Hollywood/Ft Lauderdale/Miami) area, you must check out D’lish Frozen Yogurt. It’s a family friendly yogurt joint w/ tons of yogurt flavors + toppings to choose from. Plus, it’s healthy!

My favorite flavor is the original tart.

Very cool- an entire wall of pink glittery tiles!

I haven’t seen these toppings before- they are tiny balls w/ juice inside! They have mango, coconut, + lychee flavors. It’s cool to bite into them and feel the balls pop + the juices oozing out.

Chalkboard area- fun + creative!

Like D’lish Facebook  ( 6935 Taft St Hollywood, FL 33024 ) for coupons + specials! They are always running family movie night specials.

Are you a yogurt fan? What’s your favorite flavor?

‘Til next post, Kellie.


14 thoughts on “D’lish Frozen Yogurt

  1. This is a wonderful franchise that seems to allow all sorts of different names 🙂 Either that or they’re not unique in the idea but unique in the store front?


    (I can’t say how this last one is since I have not been there personally, but some of my friends who have been say it is very good).

    They’re amazing, aren’t they? Make sure you indulge in some mochi as well!


  2. I just tried those popping balls for the first time this weekend. I thought they were going to be like the bubble tea ones. They are way different from those but still delicious. Love the lace neckline of your dress btw.


  3. Hmm, i don’t think those are sago from the way Kellie described. Those bubble tea drinks have loads of these sago balls that DO NOT pop with juicy flavor. Its almost tasteless and would really love to taste the ones described here!


    1. Me too, I want to taste the one Ms. Kellie shows here. I’m quite curious because she said those balls have flavors =) But sure looks like a sago to me (with flavors) =)


      1. Me too, the sago balls here do not pop with flavor… they should reinvent these sago balls here which are so chewy and hard – sometimes i would ask them not to put them in my bubble tea at all LOL!


  4. If I’m not mistaken those balls are called “Sago” here in Philippines or tapioca pearl in English. It’s common add-ons here in PH when you buy shakes or juices. Along with jellies 🙂

    I love your outfit too! And I love those Tony Burch shoes ♥ I’ve been dying to have one =)


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