Thigh High

I’m not a short skirts kinda gal. I live in the northeast so 3/4 of the yr, I’m usually bundled up in something warm + cozy (you can probably tell by how desperately I need a tan!) . However, being on the cruise and ‘living’ in a different environment, I ventured outside my norm.

Your surroundings definitely dictate the way you live, dress, carry yourself, etc. I felt comfortable donning this thigh high dress on the cruise. Considering that almost everyone was prancing around in their bikinis and booty shorts, this dress was quite conservative. Put me back home w/ this dress (heels and all!) and I would just feel plain old silly.

I love our silhouettes in this shot. Me, my sister, and my mother all gathering around Ms. Zoey.

W/ my parents, sis + her fiance. Yep! The young lady in the glasses is my mother. Doesn’t she look just FABULOUS?!

I always thought my mother’s gorgeous. I remember as a child, I often look at pictures of her and envied her natural beauty. I think that she’s actually fancier now as she ages!

What would you like to wear that you wouldn’t typically wear back home? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


9 thoughts on “Thigh High

  1. Living in the south, and having plenty of warm weather, I would say that I, on occasion, will wear a short skirt, but I feel self-conscious the entire time.


  2. I also don/t like wearing shorts but you found a great alternative with your dress. I would love to dress up my feet a bit more with cuter shoes. My life doesn’t really call for dessy shoes though!


  3. Your dress is not too short! Lol. I would love to wear more sun dresses but it is winter 8 months out of the year where I live so I usually don’t.


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