An Office Sanctuary- My Latest Design Project

My sister wanted to turn a spare room in the house into an office space. Knowing that I was coming to visit, she left the decorating task to me. Time was precious as I only had a few days to transform the empty space into an office sanctuary. Here are a few snippets of her workspace decorated and designed by yours truly!

A FABULOUS wall! This wall faces the door.  It’s not obvious in the pic, but she has a massive MAC screen and I love it!  Her desk is next to a window so there is a lot of light shining through.

All about gold.

Gold chains rock.

She had some random leopard tape lying around so I used it to tape magazine spreads onto the wall. I have to say, it turned out so pretty darn cool!

Fresh flowers can transform any space.

I’m all about decorative trays.

Eastern accents to achieve the Zen.  She has tons of moleskin journals and yes, they are actually journals! That’s kinda cool, to chronicle your life– emotions and events as they occur.

We scanned through her traveling magazines to look for something that would fit into this frame. The moment I saw this article which started off w/ this fabulous, vibrant green “T” header, I knew it would be the perfect ‘picture’ for the frame. Who cares what the article was about!

Adding color to a white space w/ accessories.

My sister keeps stacks and stacks of fashion newspapers so I gave them a corner home- topped w/ some fancy snakeskin/suede strappy heels.

The diy bulletin board spans from wall to wall. It’s pretty massive and impressive. I wished I would’ve snapped a pic of the entire piece!

How true is that?! Fashion is all about mixed emotions. Sometimes, you just go w/ your gut.

And here she is! One of my sisters, Xanh. She absolutely adores her new workspace.

LOVING the all black ensemble.

To sum it up, I think an office space should be beautiful, decluttered, creative, and embracing. More importantly, it should reflect you. Just imagine, sipping your favorite cup of tea/coffee while reading blogs in your fabulous office (all the while, looking FAB yourself!)…HEAVEN.

Do you have an office sanctuary? To check out mine (not nearly as gorgeous as my sis’s), please click here.

‘Til next post, Kellie.


28 thoughts on “An Office Sanctuary- My Latest Design Project

    1. Hi! First, Thanks!! Secondly, we ALMOST went to Milan for our honeymoon but never made it there. Hopefully, one day soon! Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day. Best, Kellie


  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog and liking my post!
    I want to say i love your new office space!!
    It looks comfy,stylish and chic! Enjoy! 🙂


      1. We are doing great – thanks for asking Kellie. A little tired but the little guy is worth the sleepless nights. I am totally in love and so happy to be a mommy!


  2. Congratulations, you’ve created a true fashion sanctuary – really beautiful work!


  3. Love it, such a wonderful combination of elements, some office items creatively tucked away into the white shelves (I have similar ones at home), love the randomness and yet attractiveness of the tray, the Buddha statue (I am obsessed with them, and yet I haven’t found the right one yet) and the fashion accents. And I love the baroque inspired white frame, I have two as well! Very clever, chic and organized. When can you come organize my corner office? 🙂


    1. Hi Monica- we originally wanted a white glossy Buddha statue but couldn’t find it so we had to settle for the gold. Thanks for the wonderful compliments! Best, Kellie


    1. Hi! I found the tray just lying around the house not being used so I snatched it and put it in the office. I’m not sure where you would find one but I can imagine that perhaps Homegoods, TJMaxx, etc might carry them…Thanks for stopping by! Best, Kellie


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