Espresso Friday

Happy Friday! Have you gotten your coffee fix yet for the day? I LOVE the smell and taste of coffee but can’t stand the rapid palpitations that come along with it. So my solution has always been decaf coffee. 

The weather here has been sort of an anomaly for this time of the yr. 50’s in June! CRAZY. But it’s the perfect weather for a nice hot cup of espresso, decaf, that is.  Reminds me of those cozy, but not too chilly autumn mornings when you just linger in bed w/ a newspaper and a nice cup of joe. 

Up by 6:30am! Zoey has redefined my morning wake up calls. 

‘Til next post, Kellie


10 thoughts on “Espresso Friday

  1. Hello there lovely lady! Thanks for stopping by The Make Shoppe and leaving your “like.” Your blog is beautifully done…lots of interesting diversity too! Best of luck with all of your future plans!


    P.S. Beautiful Family…


  2. I’ve sometimes thought I might buy an espresso machine just to smell the coffee. Wouldn’t be able to drink it though because after one cup I get the palpatations too. But that smell…..mmmm!!!


  3. I love the smell is espresso! Your pictures are lovely! What type of camera do you use?


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