A Twist on Bread Pudding

We usually always have stale French bread sitting around. Since bread pudding is the perfect dish (and a great reason) to get rid of them, my husband made some for dessert last night.

Here’s a recipe for bread pudding. This recipe calls for Italian bread, however, we used French bread instead.

I requested mine a tiny bit differently. I wanted coffee + brown sugar flavored bread pudding. It was a completely spontaneous request! So prior to baking, my husband mixed one tablespoon of instant decaffeinated coffee into the remaining mixture. Once poured into the baking dish, he sprinkled brown sugar on top.

I have to say it came out super delish! The brown sugar created a not too sweet caramelized crusty topping and the coffee flavor was just perfect. My husband made a custardy, buttery, rum sauce for it…heaven!

What are your favorite desserts? Please share!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


11 thoughts on “A Twist on Bread Pudding

  1. What a fantastic bread pudding! I have some stale french bread that I need to use up… thanks for reminding me I can make something like this!


  2. This is just the first post I read here. Looks like a lot of great recipes. I am going to be here a while. Thank you for visiting my blog and the like.


  3. Lucky you for having a husband that bakes! I, myself, LOVE a good ol’ fashion chocolate chip cookie(s). That takes care of my American heritage, whereas my filipino side introduced me to cassava cake and pan de coco many years ago, and I have LOVED both dishes ever since!


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