Inspirational Quotes by the Buddha

Don’t we all need some inspirational quotes to live by every now & then? Here are a few that I can totally relate to by Buddha. 

Pictures taken at my sis’s NYC condo (window sill). It was raining that morning. I love the look of the natural light and the peaceful feel that the images depict. 

Have a great Monday! 

‘Til next post, Kellie. 


12 thoughts on “Inspirational Quotes by the Buddha

  1. There’s something quite provocative about the juxtoposition of the Buddha with rhinestones and Louis Vitton. Your photography is mind-blowing. Do you really use a Canon S90, primarily? Must be a killer editor – I use the same camera and my pics don’t hold a candle to yours.


  2. Awesome pictures, what font / writing type did you use for the pictures? I love the lettering, its gorgeous.. Btw, the bracelet is pretty damn cool… I want! XD


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