Heels & Cobblestones

Although it’s not ideal to walk on cobblestones in heels unless you want to twist your ankles, it’s fair to say there’s something naturally fashionable about the combination. Kinda like enjoying coffee + a newspaper at a Paris cafe shop. Just so stylishly cool!

Here’s my take on it. No twisted ankles here.

Stay FAB!

‘Til next post, Kellie.


17 thoughts on “Heels & Cobblestones

  1. I often find myself in heels and cobblestones as well. The worse thing about my back injury this past month was not being able to run. After that, not being able to wear heels, which I love love love. Alas, while I didn’t twist my ankle, the heel/cobblestone combination on the walk back to my hotel in Rome may have contributed to the injury. Not that I twisted my ankle, just the walk itself. Anyway, heels are definitely a vice & it’s hard to imagine living without them…


  2. Women in Europe walk on cobblestones in heels with such a nonchalance they don’t even think of how hard the street might be. Love jeans with high heels.


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